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Welcome to the NBA and Google Pixel Arena: an immersive 3D experience during the 2022 Playoffs

During the 2022 Playoffs, there's an immersive 3D environment that will allow fans to follow games, play games and much more

Welcome to the NBA and Google Pixel Arena.

Starting Saturday April 16th, you are invited to a new immersive 3D environment in the NBA App. The Pixel Arena that will allow fans to engage with the 2022 NBA Playoffs in a personalized and informative way. Within the NBA app, fans will be transported through their phone’s screen into an immersive digital arena, which to start, will focus on every playoff game’s longest break: half-time. Fans who visit the Pixel Arena at the half will be presented with a number of unique features including avatar customization, first-half and post-game scoring recaps, trivia, and more!

Fans will have so much to look forward to in the Pixel Arena, including some of these special features listed below.


  • Fans will be able to create a custom avatar to show their team spirit


  • The virtual jumbotron will feature the match-up and scores.
  • The court below the jumbotron will show data visualizations, such as animated shot charts, from key players or moments.


  • Trivia will allow fans to test their knowledge about moments in NBA history before the game and their knowledge about first-half events informed by live stats during halftime. As users amass points from their trivia participation, they will be able to unlock new accessories for their avatar.

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