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NBA Finals preview with Kevin McHale

Sekou Smith

Sekou Smith

NBA legend Kevin McHale joins Lang Whitaker and me to preview the 2017 NBA Finals matchup between Cleveland and Golden State. We talk about the pressure on Kevin Durant, LeBron’s growing legacy, Kevin Love’s role in Cleveland, and much more.

Highlights below:

4:00 minute mark, on how matchup affects legacy of Warriors and Cavs:

“This is everything. You come to this point to win this series, not compete in this series. No one remembers the loser. Everybody remembers the winner. This is going to define these teams.”

6:15, on fatigue during the postseason:

“There’s no fatigue, man. The adrenaline is pumping. You wake up the morning of a Finals game and you’ve got adrenaline already. You wake up and you’re like, ‘Ooh, baby. I’m ready to go.’ I’d be way more worried about rust than rest.”

10:30, on development of Kevin Love’s role in Cleveland:

“He’s a really smart player. He evolved into what it took for this team to win. Not unlike any player who has played with other great players.”

13:45, on how LeBron compares to Jordan:

“Michael was an unbelievable talent, who had an ability to close games out and be a ruthless competitor. LeBron has the ability to make everybody on his team better. LeBron is like Magic and Larry, he can have 15 points and control the game.”

15:45, on importance for Kevin Durant to win first ring:

“I think it’s huge. It’s a defining point of your career. I laugh when people say it’s no big deal. Yeah it’s a big deal. It’s something you strive for.”

17:55, on his iconic Converse advertisement in 1987:

“We had a lot of fun in that room. That wasn’t a one-take wonder, I can tell you that.”

* * *

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