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Cavs unveil new Statement Edition uniform

Cavs unveil new Statement Edition uniform for 2020-21 season.

The image of Michael Jordan flying through the air when the six-time NBA Champion was an indomitable presence and force on the basketball court will forever be etched in sports history.  Today, the silhouette of the legend who defied gravity and defined greatness during a career that spanned parts of three decades will be commemorated with the debut of the Nike Jordan brand’s Jumpman logo on the Cleveland Cavaliers 2020-21 Statement Edition Uniform. The signature Jumpman logo replaces the Nike Swoosh on the right shoulder of the jersey and the left leg of the short and will appear on all NBA team Statement Edition jerseys beginning in the upcoming season.

The Cavs black Statement Edition jersey, color and style will forever be associated with the team winning their first NBA Championship in 2016. The Jumpman logo is the only change in the design of the uniform, which was first introduced in the 2017-18 season and reflects the champion’s spirit of drive, determination and success.

A distinctive element of the uniform is pinstripes that line the front of the jersey to the middle of the shorts. These faint grey lines are shaped to invoke the imagery of the grain of the sword and represent the team’s toughness on the court — another connection to Jordan’s approach to the game. The alternate uniform makes a bold statement to set the tone for select matchups during the season.