2018-19 Lakers Youth Foundation YOU Grant

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January YOU Grant

Congratulations to Chasing 7 Dreams for winning the Lakers Youth Foundation January YOU Grant!

Please check back in March for another Lakers Youth Foundation YOU Grant opportunity!

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Chasing 7 Dreams

Mission Statement:

Our Mission is to inspire and make a difference through spreading love, growth and new development in the lives of all that we serve. We are devoted to supporting the guiding principles of accountability, empowerment and inspiration at the forefront of implementing change: The purpose of Chasing 7 Dreams is to teach the art of connecting through simplicity.

Funding Project:

Chasing 7 Dreams belief is that all children benefit from structure and engagement with their peer. This can be particularly important for children with Autism. By participating in camp designed specifically for children with Autism they will have an opportunity to learn adaptability, and develop social skills, and improve social behaviors. Chasing 7 Dreams primary goal for participants of E-KAMP is to work on those skills that are not primarily worked on during the school year: social skills, fine and gross motor skills, flexibility, and self-advocacy. Chasing 7 Dreams is passionate for participants to become their own “agent of change”. Participants will work on these skills during the summer months while at the same time engaging in fun recreation, age-appropriate activities.

2018-19 YOU Grant Winners

November: Villa Esperanza Services

Mission Statement:

Providing Love, Care, and Hope for Individuals with Disabilities and their Families Since 1961.

Funding Project:

Villa’s Youth Program provides individualized curriculum and speech, occupational, and behavioral therapies for children with intellectual and developmental disabilities. A Lakers YOU grant will help support Sports Day and give Villa’s children a chance to experience the joy of youth sports in an environment of camaraderie and acceptance while practicing their social skills with their Villa teammates. On Sports Day, Villa staff, parents, and volunteers will cheer on our children while they complete fun motor and movement activities including soccer kicks, basketball shots, walks/relays, softball throws, and a motivating cheer pep rally.

2017-18 YOU Grant Winners

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