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Grizzlies Unveil New Team Logo and Colors

Memphis Grizzlies Unveil New Team Logo And Colors; Uniforms And New Team Store To Be Showcased At Event On Thurs. June 17

Memphis, Tennessee, May 24, 2004 – The Memphis Grizzlies have once again made history when the team launched its new team logo and colors to fans across the world on Monday, May 24 on grizzlies.com. Tipping-off the new era of Memphis Grizzlies basketball, the launch will continue on June 17 when the Grizzlies unveil the new team uniforms for the 2004-05 season, a re-vamped team website and a re-designed team store featuring new Grizzlies merchandise at a public event.

"Today, we are proud to show our fans the first stage of a new era of Grizzlies basketball by launching our new primary logo," said Grizzlies President of Basketball Operations Jerry West. "The new logo is a simple, timeless design that will symbolize winning, tradition and the future of Grizzlies basketball. This logo is unique to Memphis, marrying the tradition of basketball with the history of the city to create a logo that the team, organization and the fans will embrace."

The new Grizzlies logo represents strength, power and courage. Character, tenacity and fearlessness. The Grizzly symbolizes Memphis basketball at its grittiest, at its toughest, at its best. It symbolizes Grizzlies players and the fierce passion they bring to the court every night. It symbolizes incredible leadership and their commitment to winning and class. It symbolizes the maturity of an organization that will settle for nothing less than the ultimate – success.

"I love our new logo," said West. "I love the eyes on the bear. The eyes are focused, determined and powerful. This is what this logo and our team represents…power, determination and a focus towards winning."

From the base color of blue that brings this identity to life (Memphis Midnight, Beale Street Blue and Smoke Blue) to the neon-inspired typeface of the city name. From the intense gaze of the Grizzly that represents a serious and competitive team to the subtle references to the colors of Egyptian royalty (Grizzlies Gold). All elements of this new identity were put in place to represent this city and this game.

West added, "Our players were involved from the beginning stages of designing the new logo and in designing the team uniforms. They were very instrumental in describing what they wanted the look and colors to represent. What they wanted was a logo that would make them feel proud, something that represents this city, and something that would symbolize a new tradition of winning and respect. This logo is something that joins the players, fans and the City of Memphis into one united team."

The next stage of the logo launch will be unveiled on June 17 with a public event, with details announced at a later date. The event will feature Grizzlies President of Basketball Operations Jerry West and several Grizzlies players for the unveiling of the new home and away uniforms, new team merchandise and a brand-new home court design. Join the Grizzlies for this special event tipping-off a new era of Grizzlies basketball.


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