2021 NBA Draft Profile



Round 126
Drafted By:Denver Nuggets
6-3 / 173 lbs
Draft 2021

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About Nah’Shon ‘Bones’ Hyland

• Nah’Shon “Bones” Hyland is a dangerous shot-making guard who made huge strides as a sophomore as he led VCU to an NCAA Tournament berth. Widely regarded as a top-175 prospect in the high school class of 2019 after his senior year at St. Georges Technical High School (DE), Hyland emerged as a contributor for head coach Mike Rhoades as a true freshman averaging 9.0 points while finding a rhythm late in the year. Fighting through injuries as a sophomore, Hyland nonetheless turned a corner in his development averaging 19.5 points, 4.7 rebounds, and 2.1 assists to earn A10 Player of the Year honors.

• Listed at 6-foot-3 with a wiry 173-pound frame to go along with good length, Hyland possesses solid size for a lead guard and is smooth with the ball, but has significant room to get stronger.

• A prolific jump shooter who flashed the ability to score in bunches when he could find his range, Hyland emerged as a polarizing figure for a VCU team that leaned heavily on his ability to make tough shots. Scoring opportunistically in transition and with great consistency when sliding off the ball, he was more potent off the dribble some nights than others, but had some huge nights creating his own shot out of ball screens against defenses designed to limit him.

• An improving defender with terrific instincts in the passing lanes, Hyland’s ability to get stronger to help him contain the ball more consistently is a key point in his development.

Advanced Stats

• Creating over half of his possessions out of ball screens, isolations, or pushing the ball himself but getting another quarter on spot ups and off screens, Hyland had the freedom to create his own shot and was the target of many of the Rams’ designed actions on the perimeter last season.

• Scoring a tremendous 1.29 points per transition possession [96th percentile] and 1.10 points per catch and shoot jump shot in the half court [66th percentile], Hyland is an opportunistic scorer with rangy footwork in space and huge confidence in his ability to rise up and make contest shots with deep range.

• Flashing a knack for changing speeds with the ball and stopping and popping from deep, Hyland got to his jump shot in a variety of ways off the dribble last season. He is not overly dynamic attacking the rim as a slasher, but uses hang dribbles well to keep defenders off balance, is capable from the midrange, and needs little daylight to get his shot off. Scoring 0.78 points per dribble jump shot in the half court [49th percentile], he ran more hot and cold off the bounce than he did off the catch last season.

• Showing some ability as a passer in his first season playing a featured role offensively, Hyland still has some room to evolve as a decision-maker but is capable of finding making the simple play on the move.

Defensive Analysis

• An improving defensive player, Hyland’s length and instincts helped him make a consistent impact in the passing lanes in VCU’s aggressive defense. He allowed 0.80 points per Isolation possession [40th percentile] as a sophomore giving up a degree of physicality in some matchups.

• Making an effort to rotate off the ball, Hyland’s length was a plus contesting shots on the perimeter.


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