2021 NBA Draft Profile



Round 247
Drafted By:Toronto Raptors
6-5 / 203 lbs
Draft 2021

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About David Johnson

• David Johnson is a strong, versatile guard who made huge strides as a floor spacer as a sophomore at Louisville.  Widely regarded as one of the top-75 prospects in the high school class of 2019 following his senior year at Trinity High School (KY), Johnson emerged as an unexpected x-factor for Head Coach Chris Mack as a true freshman following a breakout performance early in ACC play last season. Scoring 6.3 points per game on the year, the Louisville native made significant strides in a bigger role as a sophomore.  Averaging 12.6 points, 5.8 rebounds, and 3.2 assists per game last season, Johnson  earned an All-ACC Honorable Mention nod.

• Listed at 6’5 with a strong 210-pound frame to go along with a 6’10 wingspan, Johnson has terrific size for a player who split time playing on the ball over the last two seasons.  He is also a good all-around athlete showing the ability to catch and occasional lob and slide with smaller guards on the perimeter.

• Serving as the clear-cut second option for the Cardinals alongside a more dynamic scoring guard this season after playing primarily on the ball as a freshman, Johnson showed marked improvement as a floor spacer, the ability to get downhill playing with pace, and some vision as a passer.  Scoring in bunches and showing intriguing creativity off the dribble in his best moments, the 20-year-old guard has significant room to improve as a pull-up jump shooter and decision-maker.

• Flashing promising versatility as his length and strength allowed him to defend multiple positions, Johnson had some strong stretches when he was dialed in last season.

Advanced Stats

Playing on and off the ball for a Louisville team that leaned heavily on its guards, Johnson did much of his scoring attacking out of ball screens and in the open floor, but it was his efficiency as a set shooter that stood out mover the course of the season.

• After looking tentative from the perimeter last season, Johnson averaged a tremendous 1.43 points per catch and shoot jump shot in the half court [96th percentile].  His ability to slide off the ball and provide spacing added a degree of versatility he lacked as a freshman.  Averaging 0.44 points per dribble jump shot in the half court [9th percentile], Johnson still has clear room to grow as a jump shooter as he gets better touch on his pull-up on some attempts than others.

• Flashing some feel as a playmaker on a team that was not particularly deep with shooters, Johnson’s ability to drive and kick was nonetheless still a significant plus in spots.  Able to use his frame and ability to play with pace to get downhill even as defenders played him to drive, he averaged 1.11 points per shot around the rim in the half court [47th percentile].  A creative finisher inside with soft touch on his floater and more explosiveness than one might assume, Johnson had some very strong nights creating for himself and others over his two seasons at Louisville but is still evolving as a ball handler and decision-maker.

Defensive Analysis

• Possessing a very good combination or length, strength, and agility, Johnson did a nice job containing the ball as a sophomore, spent some time guarding opposing power forwards, and looked to get involved on the glass.

• Proving more disruptive and holding up better off the ball sometimes than others, Johnson still has room to mature as an all-around defender to complement his versatility.


— Profile by Synergy Sports