2021 NBA Draft Profile



Round 253
Drafted By:Philadelphia 76ers
6-11 / 235 lbs
Western Kentucky
Draft 2021

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About Charles Bassey

• Charles  Bassey is a long center with a strong frame who bounced back from an injury-shortened season to emerge as a significantly improved player as a junior at Western Kentucky. Growing up in Nigeria, Bassey came to the United States in his early teens to continue his basketball career.  Participating in several Basketball Without Borders Camps, playing at the Jordan Brand International Game, and earning a spot at the Nike Hoop Summit, he finished his prep career at Aspire Academy (KY) widely regarded as one of the top-10 prospects in the high school class of 2018 after reclassifying to join the Hilltoppers a year early.

• Possessing a tremendous combination of size and length measured at 6-foot-10 in shoes with a 7-foot–3.5 wingspan and a 239-pound frame at the 2019 NBA Draft Combine, Bassey is a physically gifted center who may not be especially nimble or fluid but looked a bit bouncier as a junior than he did as an underclassman.

• Filling a huge role for a Western Kentucky team that leaned quite heavily on his ability to make things happen out of the post, Bassey was imposing inside and exceptionally productive on a per-minute basis. Scoring steadily going one-on-one on the block, making an impact on the glass, and finishing lobs from the dunker spot, Bassey was very consistent inside, but showed some intriguing growth as a potential 3-point threat in his final collegiate season as well.

• Doing a nice job using his length to protect the rim and clean the glass as a junior, Bassey is more comfortable defending around the rim than rotating on the perimeter, but held his own more frequently guarding one-on-one in space than he did a year ago.

Advanced Stats

• With the strength to establish position and the length to get his shot off over defenders, Bassey had a terrific year scoring on the block.  Making decisive moves to his right hand and showing improved touch, he is not the most creative interior threat, but averaged 1.18 points per post up possession [92nd percentile] playing to his strengths.

• Showing the ability to go up and finish lobs, staying active on the glass, and flashing improved touch using the glass, Bassey averaged an impressive 1.39 points per shot around the rim in the half court [87th percentile]. He is not overly bouncy inside, but his reach and solid touch make him a reliable catch and finish threat anyways.

• Getting a quarter of his shots on the perimeter as a junior, Bassey averaged 0.79 points per jump shot in the half court [30th percentile]. The 20-year-old big man remains streaky from beyond the arc and from the foul line, has room to grow as a passer, and is not going to make dynamic plays as a slasher, but has the potential to be a threat away from the basket long-term. His ability to potentially draw opposing centers away from the rim would add an intriguing dimension to his game.

Defensive Analysis

• Among the most productive per-minute shot blockers and rebounders in college basketball last season, Bassey was a presence around the rim in Conference USA. He is not especially quick off his feet, but shows good timing blocking shots on the ball and does a terrific job rebounding his area.

• Allowing 0.60 points per Post Up possession [84th percentile] showing better fundamentals on the ball in some matchups than others, Bassey did a very good guarding without fouling last season. Frequently camping out inside, he showed some ability to slide when switched on the perimeter, but has some things to sort through at the next level in terms of technique away from the rim.


— Profile by Synergy Sports