Clippers forward Danny Granger answers your questions in the latest edition of the Mailbag. Submit your question here or use the hashtag #LACMailBag to do so on Twitter.

Note: The above video appeared on the Mar. 26 edition of “Clippers Weekly” on Prime Ticket. We reserve the right to edit your question for the sake of brevity or clarity.

@Lavyoso, Can you picture the Clippers beating the Heat or Pacers in the championship this year?

“Definitely. I definitely can picture that. I definitely think we can get there. We have all the pieces. We don’t even have all of our team, and we’re still playing pretty good basketball. So, I can definitely see that happening.”

@Alouis47, Why did you pick the number 33?

“Number 33… I had a cousin that I grew up with. We were about three months apart in age, and we played basketball together all through high school and went to the same college. He picked 23 and we loved the Bulls. Obviously, I had to get 33 after that, because that was Pippen and Jordan. So, I chose 33, and I even started kind of molding my game after Scotty after I got to the NBA.”

@XavierMartin, What’s the best thing about being coached by Doc Rivers?

“Doc played, so he knows how it is to play and when you have coaches like that, they have a special bond with their players because they understand things on a different level. Doc is a great defensive mind, and offensively, he’s really creative as well. So, it’s a lot of fun…some of the stuff that he draws up, and the plays he makes for us.”

@JeepInJosh, What’s the hardest part about changing teams in the NBA?

“The hardest part is getting accustomed to all of the small things; who you talk to from the media, who you’re talking to for tickets, the ushers at the arena… I was really good friends with them in Indiana; [and] the different personnel that work for the team. Obviously, you’re in a new city, so you have a lot of ins and outs that people probably don’t realize that you have to get accustom to, especially when you’ve been with one team your whole career.”

@TheRuss16, What’s your favorite video game?

“My favorite video game is probably FIFA. I’m a huge soccer fan. Madden’s probably second, and then Call of Duty, obviously. But FIFA…I travel with my Xbox, and I play it on the road all of the time.”

@AndrewMillerX, Would you ideally like to re-sign with the Clippers or are you planning to explore other options?


“Ideally, I would like to re-sign here. I have a house here. My family is acclimated with the city. I’ve been here for the last seven years in the offseason. So, ideally that would be the case, but we’ll see what happens.”

@HillarySt.George, What was the last book you read, and what did you think?

“I read a lot of business books. Probably the last one I read was “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by this guy that shows you how to make money alternative ways. So, that was the last book I probably read.”