Staff Directory

LA Clippers Staff Directory

Business Operations - 1212 S. Flower St., 5th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90015. (213) 204-2800

LA Clippers Honey Training Center - 6951 South Centinela Ave., Playa Vista, CA 90094. (310) 862-6000

Chairman - Steve Ballmer
Vice Chairman - Dennis Wong

Basketball Operations

President, Basketball Operations - Lawrence Frank
General Manager - Michael Winger
Assistant General Manager - Mark Hughes, Trent Redden
Consultant - Jerry West
Executive Director, Research and Identity - Lee Jenkins
Director, Player Engagement & Operations - Kate Kost
Director, Team Security - Robert Rodriguez
Team Security Agent - Vincent George, John Long, Robert Picker, Hector Ramirez
Director, Team Operations - Max Reza
Manager, Team Operations - Kyle Rohde
Manager, Basketball Facilities - Kane Seubert
Manager, Basketball Operations - Rishabh Desai
Coordinator, Team Operations - Gustavo Garza
Coordinator, Team Services - JP Cadena
Coordinator, Basketball Administration - Lydia Choi


Head Coach - Tyronn Lue
Associate Head Coach - Daniel Craig
Assistant Coach - Jeremy Castleberry, Larry Drew, Shaun Fein, Dahntay Jones, Jay Larranaga, Brendan O'Connor, Brian Shaw
Assistant Coach/VP of Player Performance - Todd Wright
Player Development/Video Coach - Cookie Belcher, Beau Levesque
Associate, Coaching - Cam Hodges
Player Development Coach - Chad Bell, Wesley Johnson
Coaching Associate/Player Development - Conor Dunleavy


Director, College Player Personnel - Jason Piombetti
Director, International Scouting - Fabrizio Besnati
Director, Pro Scouting - John Loyer
Assistant Director, College Player Personnel - Kris Mehdipour
Advance Scout - Jack Nolan
Regional Scout - Darrel Johnson, Leo Papile
Scout - Jordan Cohn, Lance Blanks, Jordan Cohn, Orlando Early
Director, International Pro Scouting - Ermal Kuqo
International Scouting and Video Analyst - Francesco Alfier
Coordinator, Scouting - Julian Applebome

Basketball and Research Analytics

Vice President, Basketball Research and Analytics - Jud Winton
Director, Research and Analytics - Gregory Peim
Manager, Strategic Planning - Matt Elijah
Senior Basketball Full-Stack Developer - Chethan Reddy
Basketball Full Stack Developer - Alex Nakagawa
Basketball Data Analyst - Marshall Smith, Ben Starks

Performance, Health and Wellness

Chairman of Performance, Health, & Wellness - Dr. John Meyer
Director, Rehabilitation - Maggie Bryant
Senior Performance Physical Therapist - Jesse Phillips
Performance Scientist/Biomedical Analyst - Jay Porterfield
Performance Information Engineer/Sport Science - Adam Virgile
Director, Medical Services/Head Athletic Trainer - Jasen Powell
Assistant Athletic Trainer - Colby Claridy, Tommy Murdock
Assistant Performance Coach - Randy Shelton
Head Strength & Conditioning Coach/Performance Coordinator - Daniel Shapiro
Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach - Wes Long
Executive Performance Chef - JaeHee Cho
Lead Sports Dietitian - Jessica Isaacs
Sous Chef - Nyasha Jean-Paul
Junior Sous Chef - Christian Ordaz
Culinary Intern - Tasharian Robinson
Head Team Physician - Dr. Steve Yoon, M.D.
Team Physician - Dr. Steven Krems, M.D., Dr. Mark Laska, D.D.S., Dr. Steven Shimoyama, M.D.


Head Video Coordinator - Daniel Fitzpatrick
Assistant Video Coordinator - Quan Ngo

Business Operations

President, Business Operations - Gillian Zucker
Vice President, Administration - Brandt Vaughan
Chief of Staff - Marissa Mendoza
Office Coordinator - Leah Frantz, Candace Rice


Chief Communications Officer - Chris Wallace
Vice President, Communications - Dennis Rogers
Director, Corporate Communications - Amy Millstone
Manager, Basketball Communications - Curtis Jackson, Cooper Dzierzanowski
Communications Assistant - Quinlan Corrigan


Chief Marketing Officer – Claudia Calderon
Vice President, Marketing – Louanne Wallace
Vice President, Consumer Insights - Peter Woodward
General Manager, Retail Operations - Sarah Jackson
Creative Director - Tarek Awad
Director, Growth Marketing - Josh Cook
Director, Brand Marketing - Kyra Gilbert
Manager, Digital Marketing - Tiffany Tse
Email Marketing Manager - Charisse Salangsang
Marketing Manager - Erin Washington
Copywriter - Jay McKinney
Digital Product Strategist - Harris Rashid
Marketing Operations Specialist - Cam Haslam
Brand Marketing Assistant - Leyla Messian
Digital Content Associate - Michael Everett
Creative Manager - Lisa Kay
Designer II, Jeff K. Lee
Designer I - Keanu Davis
Junior Motion Designer - Destini Riley
Social Media Designer - Zach Segell
Director, Game Presentation - Claire Czerniuk
Manager, Game Presentation - Russ Kovshoff
Floor Director - Joseph Oh
Mascot Coordinator - Gustavo Guerra
Coordinator, Game Presentation - Brandon Sarver
Game Entertainment Coordinator - Sierra MacLeod
Production Assistant - Jazmin Diaz
Mascot Assistant - Mark Pontarelli, Chris Enriquez, Briana Zapien
Game Entertainment Associate - Leslie Colon, Crystal Williams
Social Media Producer - Madison Kerley
Social Media Coordinator – Katherine Baile
Social Media Intern - Kiaan Bharwani
Social Media Associate - Ella Bone
Social Media Design Associate - Zain Fahimullah

Digital Media and Content

Director, Content & Production - Tommy Zweibel
Digital Content Producer - Isaiah King, Jordan Valencia
Producer/Editor - Cam Beverly
Production Associate - Travis Reder
Content Production Associate - Luis Chavez

Community Relations and Player Programs

Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer & VP, Community Relations and Player Programs - Denise Booth
Director, Community Relations & Player Programs - Tracy Schneider
Coordinator, Community Relations - Liana Cisneros
Coordinator of D&I, Community Relations and Player Programs - Kerstyn Carr

Corporate Partnerships

Chief Global Partnerships Officer - Scott Sonnenberg
Director, Partnership Marketing - Paige Kirkpatrick
Director, Corporate Partnerships - Shelby Jacobs, Chris Wilson
Director, Partnership Strategy - Jordan Rasch
Director, Event Marketing - Jamie Lee
Manager, Partnership Marketing - Rachel Mascetti
Account Director, Partnership Marketing – Melissa Hovsepian
Account Manager, Partnership Marketing - Erin Knox, Brittany Hurlbut
Account Coordinator, Partnership Marketing - Christian Alvarez, Joe Carello
Partnership Strategy Analyst - Jeremy Yarin
Partnership Development Strategist – Gunner Guelli


Basketball Strategy and Team Counsel - Marcus Banks
Associate General Counsel - Lauren Brock
Legal Intern - Stephanie Gimenez


Chief Financial Officer - Eric Chan
Vice President, Finance - Angela Trindle
Vice President, Controller - Todd Sakauye
Director, Ticketing Systems and Operations - Paco Pineda
Manager, Ticket Programs - Leslie Murata
Director, Financial Planning & Analysis - Thomas Maiuri
Sr. Financial Analyst - Betty Woldemeskel
Payroll Manager - Jen Weber
Accounting Manager - Sunny Duong, Ramon Malta
Accounts Payable Administrator - Diego Cortes
Payroll Administrator - Tara Pollock
Coordinator, Ticket Operations- Alyssa Kinoshita
Finance Associate - Andrew Fahrendorf
Accounting Associate - Kyle Gorgonio, Matthew Quezada
Ticket Operations Assistant - Madeline Garcia
Ticket Operations Administrative Associate - Jesus Jaime-Gutierrez


Chief Technology & Digital Officer - George Hanna
Director of Product and Experience Architect - Josh Umstead
Director of Technology - Liane Angeles
Product Manager - Karl Gusner
IT Manager - Kevin Fifield
IT Support Specialist - Kevin Cha, Maurice Moore, Anthony Mulero
Cyber Security Engineer - Michael Lim

Human Resources

Vice President, Human Resources - Raymond Ortegaso
Director, Human Resources - Michelle Zylstra
Recruiter - Ron Coleman
Manager, HR Programs - Natalie Wong
Onboarding Experience Coordinator - Samantha Reyes

Business Insights

Director, Business Insights & Analytics - Michael Boisvert
CRM Manager - Derek Sundin
Manager, Data Analytics - Yuting Ma
Data Analyst - Josh Fujii, Shawn Kilcoyne, Spencer Wang, Yuqi Zhang
CRM Associate - Ally Paul
Business Insights Intern - Charles Kawata

Sales & Service

Chief Ticketing Officer - Jason Green
Vice President, Ticket Sales - Joel Adams
Vice President, Ticket Sales & Service - Krystle Hogan
Director, Group Sales - Alexis Stevens
Director, Ticket Sales - Max Inouye
Manager, Ticket Sales - Derek Anderson
Manager, Membership Services - Zach Brown
Manager, Inside Sales - Tina McCowan, Alex Sampietro
Manager, Arena Operations - Jeana Duran
Account Manager, Premium Sales - Asher Bond, Patrick Clark, Shawn Sanders, Scott Ward, Eric Yoo
Account Executives - Jonathan Brady, Jack Cain, Kat Calderon, Max Eastern, Luke Felton, Mikaela Morrison, Randall Parker
Account Executive, Group Sales - Alex Bushell, Jesse Estrada, Grant Fogerty, Tyler Jackson, Monica Manalo, Sky Regan
Manager, Courtside Services - Ryan Bleier
Premium Account Manager - Vanessa Garner, Katie Kuska, Jaslin Rivas
Account Manager, Membership Services - Grant Arellano, Natalia Lopez, Jordy Roth, Kendall Van Schaack
New Membership & Events Specialist - Noelle Crosby
Inside Sales Executive - Haley Arakaki, Ryan Blomberg, Didier Chalfoun, Matthew Cohn, Chantel Doodley, Shalise Fernander, Carson Foltz, Cameron Mason, Hannah Orloff, Connor Reyes, Alicia Rubio Bueno, Brianna Salcido, Riley Schroeder, Jeremy Stanton, Uraney Soto, Tyler Wells
Membership Services Coordinator – Colin Stanton
Membership Services Associate - Kennedy Brooks
Group Sales Coordinator - Onell Gibson


Radio Broadcaster - Noah Eagle
TV Broadcaster - Brian Sieman

Intuit Dome

Chief Operating Officer - Alex Diaz
Chief Legal Officer - Alex Winsberg
Assistant General Manager - Aran Rush
Finance Manager - Hyun Chang
Project Administrator - Auset Hood


Director, Premium Hospitality – Danny Pietrafeso
Director, Premium Sales - Edward Andrews, Borge Etienne
Manager, Premium Sales - Patrick Berishaj, Hunter Jacobs, Tyler Kealey
Coordinator, Premium Sales - Courtney Keaton