Staff Directory

LA Clippers Staff Directory

Business Operations - 1212 S. Flower St., 5th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90015. (213) 204-2800

LA Clippers Honey Training Center - 6951 South Centinela Ave., Playa Vista, CA 90094. (310) 862-6000

Chairman - Steve Ballmer
Vice Chairman - Dennis Wong

Basketball Operations

President, Basketball Operations - Lawrence Frank
General Manager - Trent Redden
Senior Vice President/Assistant General Manager - Mark Hughes
Vice President/Assistant General Manager - Jud Winton
Vice President of Basketball Affairs - Lee Jenkins
Consultant - Jerry West
Executive Director, Basketball Operations - Rishabh Desai
Executive Director, Team Operations - Max Reza
Director, Player Engagement & Operations - Kate Kost
Director, Team Security - Robert Rodriguez
Manager, Team Security - Vincent George
Team Security Agent - John Long, Robert Picker, Hector Ramirez
Manager, Basketball Facilities - Kane Seubert
Manager, Team Operations - JP Cadena, Gus Garza
Basketball Administration Coordinator - Lydia Choi
Team Operations Assistant - Drew Arguelles
Basketball Operations Assistant - Dylan Geller


Head Coach - Tyronn Lue
Associate Head Coach - Daniel Craig
Assistant Coach - Jeremy Castleberry, Larry Drew, Shaun Fein, Dahntay Jones, Jay Larranaga, Brendan O'Connor, Brian Shaw
Assistant Coach/VP of Player Performance - Todd Wright
Player Development/Video Coach - Cookie Belcher
Player Development Coach - Carlos Dotson, Wesley Johnson
Player Development Coordinator - Beau Levesque
Coaching Associate/Player Development - Conor Dunleavy


Vice President, Amateur Evaluation - Jason Piombetti
Vice President, Pro Evaluation - John Loyer
Director, International Scouting - Fabrizio Besnati
Assistant Director, College and Pro Player Personnel - Kris Mehdipour
Manager of Scouting - Julian Applebome
Advance Scout - Jack Nolan
Regional Scout - Darrel Johnson, Leo Papile
Scout - Jordan Cohn, Orlando Early, Stephen Rosenberry
Director, International Pro Scouting/NBA Scout - Ermal Kuqo
International Scouting and Video Analyst - Francesco Alfier

Basketball and Research Analytics

Vice President, Basketball Strategy - Matt Elijah
Vice President, Basketball Research & Analytics/Assistant GM of Ontario Clippers - Gregory Peim
Director, Basketball Strategy - Marshall Smith
Senior Manager, Basketball Operations & Strategy / Team Counsel - Marcus Banks
Senior Basketball Full Stack Developer/Biomechanical Research and Development - Chethan Reddy
Basketball Full Stack Developer - Alex Nakagawa
Basketball Data Analyst - Ben Starks

Performance, Health and Wellness

Chairman of Performance, Health, & Wellness - Dr. John Meyer
Vice President of Medical - Maggie Bryant
Senior Performance Physical Therapist - Jesse Phillips
Director, Applied Sport Science and Performance Research - Adam Virgile
Director, Medical Services/Head Athletic Trainer - Jasen Powell
Assistant Athletic Trainer - Colby Claridy, Tommy Murdock
Head Strength & Conditioning Coach/Assistant Director of Performance - Daniel Shapiro
Assistant Performance Coach - Wes Long
Strength and Conditioning Associate - Roger Clarke
Sport Science Coordinator - Grace Christensen, Andrew Drossel
Executive Performance Chef - JaeHee Cho
Lead Performance Dietitian and Team Chef - Brittany Dunn
Sous Chef - Nyasha Jean-Paul
Junior Sous Chef - Christian Ordaz
Culinary Intern - Myles Shealy-Chandler
Head Team Physician - Dr. Steve Yoon, M.D.
Team Physician - Dr. Steven Krems, M.D., Dr. Mark Laska, D.D.S., Dr. Steven Shimoyama, M.D.


Head Video Coordinator - Daniel Fitzpatrick
Assistant Video Coordinator - Quan Ngo

Business Operations

President, Business Operations - Gillian Zucker
Vice President, Administration - Brandt Vaughan
Chief of Staff - Marissa Mendoza
Director, VIP & Executive Services - Jamie Lee
Office Coordinator - Candace Rice
Business Operations Associate - Robyn Ramos
VIP Associate - Jason Silverstein


Chief Communications Officer - Chris Wallace
Vice President, Communications - Dennis Rogers
Director, Corporate Communications - Amy Millstone
Director, Communications - Cooper Dzierzanowski
Manager, Basketball Communications - Curtis Jackson
Communications Manager, Intuit Dome - Gabriela Mungarro
Communications Coordinator - Quinn Corrigan
Communications Associate - Matthew Leiva


Chief Marketing Officer – Claudia Calderon

Vice President, Marketing – Louanne Wallace
Vice President, Consumer Insights - Pete Woodward
General Manager, ClipperVision - Tommy O'Hare
Director of Arena Event Marketing - David Valdez
Director, Supporter Community & Fandom - Brian Bates
Manager, Supporter Community & Fandom - Noelle Crosby
Director, Brand Marketing - Kyra Gilbert
Loyalty Marketing Manager - Samantha Patil
Brand Marketing Manager - Lyndsey Volk
Youth and Segment Marketing Manager - Cam Haslam
Youth Marketing Specialist - Monique Coble
Youth Marketing Associate - Brandon Chan
Brand Marketing Specialist - Leyla Messian
Director, Growth Marketing - Josh Cook
Director, Digital Marketing - Tiffany Tse
Email Marketing Manager - Charisse Salangsang
Copywriter - Jay McKinney
Digital Product Strategist - Harris Rashid
Content Strategy Manager, Web & App - Cindy Blackman
Social Media Manager - Madison Kerley
Social Media Coordinator – Katherine Baile
Vertical Video Production Associate - Sujey Luna
Social Media Associate - Janelle Dela Cruz
Social Media Design Associate - Alex Vasquez
Digital Content Associate - Michael Everett
Web Development Associate - Anthony Ngo
Digital Marketing Associate - Kassandra Figueroa
Consumer Insights Intern - Stephanie Bucuroaia, Odina Cabrera

Creative Services
Creative Director - Tarek Awad, Lisa Kay
Creative Manager - Jeff Lee
Designer II - Keanu Davis
Junior Motion Designer - Destini Riley
Social Media Designer - Zach Segell

Merchandise & Retail Operations
General Manager, Retail Operations - Sarah Jackson
Retail Operations Director - Andres Jimenez
Retail Buying Director - Joan Kim
Retail Marketing Manager - Lynnelle Jackson
eCommerce Manager - Josephine Villegas
Warehouse Management - Richard Sze

Game Presentation
Executive Producer, Game Presentation - Payden Adams
Director, Game Presentation - Jared Ponce
Manager, Game Entertainment - Jazmin Diaz
Mascot Coordinator - Gustavo Guerra
Coordinator, Game Presentation - Brandon Sarver
Floor Director - Joseph Oh
Production Assistant - Rachel Philips
Game Entertainment Associate - Ty Minshew, Alexis Tillman
Mascot Assistant - Mark Pontarelli, Chris Enriquez

Broadcast Services
Director of Broadcast - Jason Lemiere
Manager, Broadcast and Production Services - Francisco Castillo
Manager, Broadcast Presentation Systems - Dylan McIntosh

Digital Media and Content

Head of Content - Tommy Zweibel
Director, Video Content - Andre Robinson
Lead Video Editor - Joe Mischo
Digital Content Producer - Jordan Valencia
Content Production Manager - Molly Perkins
Team Content Producer - Luis Chavez
Production Associate - Travis Reder
Content Production Associate - John Robb Saunders

Community Relations and Player Programs

Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer & VP, Community Relations and Player Programs - Denise Booth
Director, Community Relations & Player Programs - Tracy Schneider
Coordinator, Community Relations - Liana Cisneros
Diversity & Inclusion, Community Relations and Player Programs Specialist - Kerstyn Carr

Corporate Partnerships

Chief Commercial Officer - Scott Sonnenberg

Partnership Marketing
Director, Partnership Marketing - Paige Kirkpatrick
Manager, Partnership Marketing - Rachel Mascetti
Account Director, Partnership Marketing – Melissa Hovsepian
Account Manager, Partnership Marketing - Erin Knox, Brittany Hurlbut
Account Coordinator, Partnership Marketing - Christian Alvarez, Joe Carello
Corporate Partnerships Associate - Justin Mo

Partnership Sales
Vice President, Sponsorship Sales - Greg Morrison
Director, Corporate Partnerships - Shelby Jacobs, Ryan Kantor, Chris Wilson

Partnership Strategy
Director, Partnership Strategy - Jordan Rasch
Partnership Development Manager – Gunner Guelli
Partnership Strategy Manager - Jeremy Yarin


General Counsel - Jennifer Lewis
Associate General Counsel - Lauren Brock, Don Munson
Risk Management Director - David Williams
Counsel - Stephanie Gimenez
Legal Intern - Carina DiMeglio


Vice President, Finance - Angela Trindle
Vice President, Controller - Todd Sakauye
Director, Financial Planning & Analysis - Thomas Maiuri
Sr. Financial Analyst - Betty Woldemeskel
Payroll Manager - Jen Weber
Payroll Administrator - Tara Prosser
Director of Accounting - Ramon Malta
Senior Accountant - Nick Pombar
Staff Accountant - Diego Cortes
Finance Associate - Andrew Fahrendorf
Accounting Associate - Sarkis Galadjian, Zannatul Mim

Ticket Operations
Director, Ticketing Systems and Operations - Paco Pineda
Box Office Manager - Christian Guzman
Ticket Operations Manager - Alyssa Kinoshita
Ticket Operations Coordinator - Madeline Garcia
Ticket Operations Administrative Associate - Landon McClure

Technology and Digital Services

Chief Technology & Digital Officer - George Hanna
Vice President, Product and Experience Architect - Josh Umstead
Director, AI and Emerging Technologies - Cory Root
Director of Technology - Liane Angeles
Product Manager - Karl Gusner
Cyber Security Engineer - Michael Lim
Cloud Infrastructure Engineer - Adrian Pacheco
Network Engineer - Edgar Macias
IT Manager - Kevin Fifield
IT Support Specialist II - Kevin Cha
IT Support Specialist - Maurice Moore, Anthony Mulero

Human Resources

Vice President, Human Resources - Raymond Ortegaso
Director, Human Resources - Michelle Zylstra
Talent Acqusition Partner - Antonia Lozano
Manager, HR Programs - Natalie Wong
Onboarding Experience Coordinator - Samantha Reyes
HR Associate - Reagan Duguid

Business Insights

Vice President, Business Insights and Analytics - Alex Meyer
Manager, Loyalty Program - Michelle Macias
CRM Manager - Derek Sundin
CRM Associate - Bryce Mandap
Manager, Data Analytics - Yuting Ma
Data Analyst - Josh Fujii, Shawn Kilcoyne, Spencer Wang, Yuqi Zhang
Business Insights & Analytics Interns - Can Jin, Paramjeet Singh Sahrawat

Sales & Service

Head of Ticket Sales and Service - Michael Boisvert

Group Sales
Manager, Group Sales - Tina McCowan
Account Executive, Group Sales - Alex Bushell, Grant Fogerty, Tyler Jackson, Monica Manalo, Sky Regan, Brianna Salcido
Group Sales Coordinator - Onell Gibson

Membership Services
Director, Membership & Sales Operations - Leslie Murata
Manager, Premium Services - Zach Brown
Account Manager, Premium Services - Grant Arellano, Vanessa Garner, Jaslin Rivas
Manager, Membership Services - Alex Sampietro
Account Manager, Membership Services - Ryan Blomberg, Vinny Hsieh, Natalia Lopez, Jordy Roth, Tyler Wells
Coordinator, Membership & Sales Operations - Haley Arakaki

Ticket Sales
Director, Ticket Sales - Luke Elliott
Manager, Ticket Sales - Derek Anderson
Account Manager, Premium Sales - Asher Bond, Patrick Clark, Shawn Sanders, Scott Ward, Eric Yoo
Account Executives - Jack Cain, Kat Calderon, Victoria Campbell, Max Eastern, Cameron Mason, Randall Parker

Inside Sales
Manager, Inside Sales - Luke Felton
Inside Sales Executive - Alexander Abrego, Hannah Barajas, Brendan Eggert, Dayana Gonzalez, Klarissa Hernandez, Demi Lobo, Justin Nankee, Bryan Oasay, Justin Pratt, Katherine Salisbury, Dylan Salmon, Elias Totah, Jakob White, Xander Wong


Radio Broadcaster - Carlo Jimenez
TV Broadcaster - Brian Sieman

Intuit Dome

Chief Operating Officer - Alex Diaz
Vice President, Operations - Rohan Bhasin
Director of Engineering - Philip Burns
Director of Events - Jeana Duran
Director of Production - Catie Thompson
Director of Operations - Jack Wentzell
Assistant General Manager - Aran Rush
Vice President, Guest Experience and Safety - Anthony Mozzicato
Director of Guest and Team Member Experience - Tatum Lockett
Director of Sustainability - Katie Bailey
Executive Director, Parking & Mobility - Juan Soto
Parking & Mobility Director - Raphael Lara
Manager, Product Management - Raymond Valbuena
Booking and Special Events Manager - Sydney Stocks
Finance Manager - Hyun Chang
Project Administrator - Auset Hood


Vice President, Premium Sales & Service - Scott Simmons
Director, Premium Hospitality – Danny Pietrafeso
Director, Premium Sales - Edward Andrews, Borge Etienne
Manager, Premium Sales - Tyler Kealey, Brad Thomas
Coordinator, Premium Sales - Courtney Keaton