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Daily News- October 20, 2020

Issac Baldizon/ Getty Images

**NOTE: The news clips and articles listed don't necessarily reflect the views or beliefs of the Cleveland Cavaliers or their Basketball Operations staff, partners, or sponsors.**

Will Cleveland Cavaliers trade Andre Drummond? Hey, Chris!
Author: Chris Fedor

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- It’s the latest edition of Hey, Chris!

The submissions for this post once again came mostly from Subtext insiders, who received a message to send one question each. The best were chosen. Want to receive Cavs Insider texts and communicate directly with me? Sign up for a 14-day free trial with your phone number and perhaps one of your questions will be used in the next edition of Hey, Chris! You can also sign up by texting me at 216-208-4499.

Hey, Chris: Are the Cavs going to try to trade Andre Drummond? -- Mike, Greenville, S. Carolina - CLICK HERE to read full story.

Prospect Profiles Presented By Panini: Obi Toppin
Author: Joe Gabriele

The first two Draft prospects featured on were unknown commodities to casual basketball fans. James Wiseman’s college career was limited to 70 minutes and, unless you stream the Israeli Basketball Premier League, you probably haven’t seen many of Deni Avdija’s performances.

Today’s prospect is different.

Today’s prospect has the bona fides - he’s got the numbers, he’s got the personality and, yes, he’s got the name. - CLICK HERE to read full story.




DATE PUBLISHED: OCTOBER 14 - CLICK HERE to read full story.

The top 125 NBA players: The Athletic’s Player Tiers, Tier 5 — from Aaron Gordon to Tyler Herro
Author: Seth Partnow
Publication: The Athletic

“What do we have? What do we need? What do we have to do to get there?” —Every NBA Executive, today. Possibly apocryphal.

The NBA playoffs can serve as a great separator. Every year, we relearn the lessons of just how big the difference can be between being effective during the grind of a long season and being able to perform against the higher level opposition in the intense, detail-oriented arena of a postseason series. Twenty-nine teams have been found wanting. Even the champion Lakers, once the champagne dries, know they need to get better if they are going to do it again in however long it is until we do this again. For every one of those teams, the burning question is:

“Just how close are we?” - CLICK HERE to read full story.

Knicks-Suns trade, Obi Toppin into top 5: 2020 NBA beat writer mock draft, 3.0
Publication: The Athletic

After several pushbacks and much uncertainty due to COVID-19, finally, we can see the 2020 NBA Draft down the road!

With that said, NBA writers at The Athletic have gathered for the third installment of the beat writer mock draft. Trades were allowed to be discussed. Trades were executed. Predicting this chaotic event is a chore in itself, and given the circumstances surrounding this particular draft, we anticipate there being a lot of movement when Nov. 18 actually shows up.

In this latest version, the Timberwolves tried to trade the No. 1 pick to three teams, but nothing came to fruition. The Warriors, again, entertained deals for the No. 2 pick. Nothing. The Bulls had to get a house phone because the cellphone wouldn’t stop buzzing. There was one trade, this one between the Knicks and Suns, and it involved more than just a swapping of picks. - CLICK HERE to read full story.

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