LAS VEGAS, May 23, 2007 -- Selecting a dynamic mix of established veterans and remarkable young talent, USA Basketball announced today the addition of eight players to the USA Basketball Menís Senior National Team program.

USA Basketball Menís Senior National Team Managing Director Jerry Colangelo officially announced Wednesday in Las Vegas, Nev., the addition of Carlos Boozer (Utah Jazz); Tyson Chandler (New Orleans Hornets); Kevin Durant (University of Texas); Jason Kidd (New Jersey Nets); Mike Miller (Memphis Grizzlies); Greg Oden (Ohio State University); Tayshaun Prince (Detroit Pistons); and Deron Williams (Utah Jazz) to the Senior National Team roster.

Colangelo also confirmed that seven USA Senior National Team players would be unavailable to compete this summer because of injuries. Those players included Gilbert Arenas (Washington Wizards); Joe Johnson (Atlanta Hawks); Brad Miller (Sacramento Kings); Lamar Odom (Los Angeles Lakers); Chris Paul (New Orleans Hornets); Paul Pierce (Boston Celtics) and Dwyane Wade (Miami Heat).

"One of the reasons for forming and selecting a national team is so you have flexibility. It takes into account the fact that you may have injuries, there may be special circumstances where a player canít perform, but yet you have other players to pull from," explained Colangelo. "After the recent meeting our coaches had in Phoenix, we decided to add a couple of bigs, in particular for their rebounding and shot blocking abilities. We also decided to add some leadership in the back court and some shooters. We also recognized several players who had outstanding seasons and who we felt were deserving of this opportunity."

He continued, "Greg Oden and Kevin Durant represent the class of this seasonís college ranks and are certainly players we have great interest in, both for the present and for future USA Basketball teams."

"As I said when we announced the first group of players for the Senior National Team, weíre not trying to put a collection of all-stars together but our goal is to put together as good of a basketball team as we possibly can. With the addition of these nine players, I believe weíve strengthen our program in several areas, especially rebounding, defense and shooting," said USA and Duke University head coach Mike Krzyzewski.

The eight announced players will join 17 players previously named to the USA Basketball Senior National Team and who are expected to participate in 2007. Those USA players include: Carmelo Anthony (Denver Nuggets); Shane Battier (Houston Rockets); Chauncey Billups (Detroit Pistons); Chris Bosh (Toronto Raptors); Bruce Bowen (San Antonio Spurs); Elton Brand (Los Angeles Clippers); Kobe Bryant (Los Angeles Lakers); Kirk Hinrich (Chicago Bulls); Dwight Howard (Orlando Magic); LeBron James (Cleveland Cavaliers); Antawn Jamison (Washington Wizards); Shawn Marion (Phoenix Suns); Adam Morrison (Charlotte Bobcats); Michael Redd (Milwaukee Bucks); J.J. Redick (Orlando Magic); Luke Ridnour (Seattle SuperSonics); and Amarť Stoudemire (Phoenix Suns).

Krzyzewski is leading the USA Senior Team for 2006-2008, while Syracuse University (N.Y.) and Hall of Fame coach Jim Boeheim, Phoenix Suns head mentor Mike DíAntoni and Portland Trail Blazers head coach Nate McMillan will serve as assistant coaches.

Kevin Durant (University of Texas)

Greg Oden (Ohio State University)