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Morning Tip: Their View

A cast of small and vocal Philadelphia fans tries to hang on as the Sixers rebuild.

Power Rankings: Challenge Accepted

A string of road games will determine just how strong these Blazers are.

Closing The Borders

Toronto's ultra-tight defense has fueled its rapid ascent to the top of the East pile.

Dunks Of The Week: Shazam, Shabazz

Shabazz Muhammad's alley-oop finish is a key part of our weekly top 10 review.

Sunday's Rewind: Historic Grind

Memphis rumbles to its best-ever start (12-2), topping a five-game schedule.

Big Surprise

Surely and steadily, the Wizards are rolling along while the East "powers" stumble.

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Image link to L.A. letdown

L.A. letdown

The Clippers aren't sure how to fix their early season woes.


All Ball Blog

Image link to Undisputed champ

Undisputed champ

JaVale McGee shows why he's such a fan favorite in Denver.


Image link to Can they make it?

Can they make it?

Grant Hill and Mike Dunleavy examine the Bucks' solid start.

NBA Cares

Image link to Season Of Giving

Season Of Giving

Teams are sharing in the holiday spirit with their communities.

Hang Time Blog

Image link to Open season

Open season

Chicago? Cleveland? The East seems just too tough to call.

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Image link to All that Jazz

All that Jazz

Kristen Ledlow has a little test for the young Jazz backcourt.


Image link to Listen to the music

Listen to the music

James Harden compares his game to musical genres.

Arena Link

Image link to Staying humble

Staying humble

Marc Gasol shrugs off MVP talk and explains Memphis' mindset.


Image link to Strong stoppers

Strong stoppers

Draymond Green talks about Golden State's improving defense.

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Stats Leaders


Rank Eastern W L
1 Toronto 11 2
2 Washington 9 3
3 Chicago 8 5
4 Miami 8 6
5 Atlanta 6 5
6 Milwaukee 7 7
7 Cleveland 5 7
8 Orlando 6 9
Rank Western W L
1 Memphis 12 2
2 Golden State 10 2
3 Portland 10 3
4 Houston 10 3
5 Dallas 10 4
6 San Antonio 9 4
7 Phoenix 9 5
8 Sacramento 8 5
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