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On ESPN: Mavericks-Warriors

Stephen Curry looks to lift Golden State to a sixth straight win over Dallas (LIVE).

Proving Ground

Al Horford (19) and Atlanta show Cleveland who's boss in the East, winning 106-97.

My Turn

James Harden's triple-double (38-12-12) leads the Rockets past the Pistons 103-93.

Human Highlight's Night

The Hawks made the break of Friday's game special for Dominique Wilkins.

The Starters: Missing Matthews

Wesley Matthews was an integral part of the Blazers. So, can they move on?

Kia MVP Ladder: Gift And A Curse

Russell Westbrook is doing things only legends have done. But will it be enough?

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Image link to Wind it up

Wind it up

Terrence Ross gets the steal and pulls of the windmill jam.



Image link to Convince Me

Convince Me

The real debate? Who you got, Durant or Westbrook?

Shaqtin' A Fool

Image link to Otto-matic


Otto Porter might have just beat out every one of Shaq's 'fools.'



Which legend should get a statue in their honor next?

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Total Votes: 21,920

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Image link to Sat., Noon ET

Sat., Noon ET

On NBA TV, Kristen Ledlow and Kyrie Irving taking a ride.

The Association

Image link to Grit 'n' grind

Grit 'n' grind

Take a look behind the scenes at what makes the Grizzlies tick.

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Rank Eastern W L
1 Atlanta 48 12
2 Chicago 39 23
3 Toronto 38 23
4 Cleveland 39 24
5 Washington 34 27
6 Milwaukee 32 29
7 Miami 27 33
8 Charlotte 26 33
Rank Western W L
1 Golden State 47 12
2 Memphis 43 17
3 Portland 41 19
4 Houston 41 20
5 L.A. Clippers 40 22
6 Dallas 40 23
7 San Antonio 37 23
8 Oklahoma City 34 28
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Keeping pace

Pace was all the talk at a recent analytics conference. The Warriors hope theirs makes history.