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Sound Off

The ever-opinionated Charles Barkley speaks his mind on the big summer decisions made by Carmelo and LeBron. Hang Time: LeBron needs a number | Carmelo takes another Big Apple bite

Hang Time: Option Is There

Like Doc Rivers, Chris Paul is considering taking action if Donald Sterling stays put.

All Ball: Pricey Papers

Michael Jordan's record-setting final Bulls contract is hitting the auction block.

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Hang Time Blog

Image link to Great Scott?

Great Scott?

Byron Scot is close to sealing a deal to coach the Lakers.


Image link to Carlos Angeles

Carlos Angeles

Carlos Boozer addresses tthe media as the newest Laker.


Trophy Tour

Image link to Down under

Down under

Aussies Patty Mills and Aron Baynes bring Larry to Canberra.

All Ball Blog

Image link to Safe!


Can you picture Dirk Nowitzki scoring from second base?

Player Movement

Image link to New frontier

New frontier

The Southeast has seen its fair share of action this summer.

FA Tracker

Image link to Still available

Still available

Mo Williams continues to wait for his next NBA opportunity.

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Lin In China

Image link to Far East side

Far East side

Jeremy Lin visits a basketball camp in as part of his big tour.

The Starters

Image link to Offbeat, off court

Offbeat, off court

Check out the top moments from the guys on set in Vegas.



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Playoffs Leaders


Rank Eastern W L
1 Indiana 56 26
2 Miami 54 28
3 Toronto 48 34
4 Chicago 48 34
5 Washington 44 38
6 Brooklyn 44 38
7 Charlotte 43 39
8 Atlanta 38 44
Rank Western W L
1 San Antonio 62 20
2 Oklahoma City 59 23
3 L.A. Clippers 57 25
4 Houston 54 28
5 Portland 54 28
6 Golden State 51 31
7 Memphis 50 32
8 Dallas 49 33
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Solid as a Spur

It's really no surprise that nearly half of the top 10 players in net rating came via San Antonio.