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Hang Time: The Real Decision

Team USA can better finalize its roster once it knows exactly how much it can rely on Derrick Rose. Hang Time: Chicago or country? | GameTime: Harden's challenge | Schedule | USA Basketball

Hang Time: Renewed Prospect

Andrew Wiggins' pending move to Minnesota may be best for him after all.

The Road So Far

As the U.S. readies for Puerto Rico (7 p.m. ET, ESPN2), relive their past games.

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Image link to No hiding this

No hiding this

Klay Thompson isn't happy his name was in trade talks.

Hang Time Blog

Image link to Stopping it up

Stopping it up

These players are the early favorites for the 2015 DPOY award.


Hang Time Blog

Image link to Chopping block

Chopping block

The next cut on Team USA's roster is hard to find.


Image link to Family first

Family first

In the end, Dick Bavetta got overruled by his crew off-court.

All Ball Blog

Image link to Nice throw

Nice throw

Rookie Marcus Smart takes to the mound at Fenway Park.

Image link to Movie magic

Movie magic

NBA Twitter strikes again, giving us some fictional films.

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USA vs. Puerto Rico

Watch on Aug. 22 (7 ET) as the U.S. team takes on Puerto Rico at Madison Square Garden.


Playoffs Leaders


Rank Eastern W L
1 Indiana 56 26
2 Miami 54 28
3 Toronto 48 34
4 Chicago 48 34
5 Washington 44 38
6 Brooklyn 44 38
7 Charlotte 43 39
8 Atlanta 38 44
Rank Western W L
1 San Antonio 62 20
2 Oklahoma City 59 23
3 L.A. Clippers 57 25
4 Houston 54 28
5 Portland 54 28
6 Golden State 51 31
7 Memphis 50 32
8 Dallas 49 33
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Hang Time Blog

Nice touch

Some surprising names dot the field as we look back on 2013-14's best shooting performances.