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OKC's coaching staff won't rule out Russell Westbrook returning on Friday.

Embrace The Spotlight

Marc Gasol hasn't shied away from taking on a bigger offensive role this season.

Changing The Game

GM Masai Ujiri's eye for talent and his long-range plan have the Raptors thriving.

Measured Success

The Steve Kerr era in Golden State has jumped out to a historically great start.

Great Pains

The Knicks (and Carmelo Anthony) can't seem to catch a break this season.

Monday's Rewind: Running Strong

The Blazers collect their eighth straight win as we review last night's action.

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Image link to 'Get out and play'

'Get out and play'

Tom Thibodeau has simple advice for Bulls star Derrick Rose.


The List

Image link to Surprising rise

Surprising rise

Eight teams have shattered preseason expectations.


Image link to Right in rhythm

Right in rhythm

The Wizards are rolling along while the East 'powers' stumble.

NBA Cares

Image link to Season Of Giving

Season Of Giving

Teams are sharing in the holiday spirit with their communities.

All Ball Blog

Image link to What's the problem?

What's the problem?

MCW drives the lane and kicks the pass out to a wide open ... ref.

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Image link to All that Jazz

All that Jazz

Kristen Ledlow has a little test for the young Jazz backcourt.


Image link to Listen to the music

Listen to the music

James Harden compares his game to musical genres.

The Beat

Image link to Northern exposure

Northern exposure

GM Masai Ujiri joins the show to discuss the Raptors' rise.

The Starters

Image link to The Bone Zone

The Bone Zone

Brent Barry joins the guys to take a closer look at the Cavs.

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Rank Eastern W L
1 Toronto 12 2
2 Washington 9 3
3 Chicago 9 5
4 Miami 8 6
5 Atlanta 6 5
6 Milwaukee 7 7
7 Cleveland 6 7
8 Indiana 6 8
Rank Western W L
1 Memphis 12 2
2 Golden State 10 2
3 Portland 11 3
4 Houston 11 3
5 San Antonio 9 4
6 Dallas 10 5
7 Sacramento 8 5
8 L.A. Clippers 8 5
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