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The King Is Back

For Clevelanders, LeBron James' return tonight (8 ET, TNT) is about much more than basketball. Anticipation builds in Ohio | Cavs look for chemistry | Fans stand with LBJ | James set for closure

Tonight On TNT OT: Knicks-Cavs

Vote for the players to follow in tonight's clash with TNT OT's cameras (8 ET).

Change In Mindset

As the Clips open their season tonight, their star big men must think defense first.

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All Ball Blog

Image link to PG-13


Why did Paul George decide to change his jersey number?


The Starters

Image link to Time for overreaction

Time for overreaction

Kemba Walker is the new MJ? Andrew Wiggins a huge bust?

Hang Time Blog

Image link to The bad news ...

The bad news ...

The Knicks' early schedule won't be doing them any favors.

Top Plays

Image link to Real eye-opener

Real eye-opener

The first full night of NBA games provided highlights aplenty.

Global Game

Image link to Setting the course

Setting the course

Hakeem's career defined success for foreign-born players.

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Image link to Next moves?

Next moves?

Julius Randle's injury has altered L.A.'s 2014-15 path.

The Association

Image link to New faces

New faces

First-year Cavaliers coach David Blatt leads a fresh group.


Image link to Kendrick kicks it

Kendrick kicks it

Kendrick Lamar gets you hyped for Thursdays on TNT.

Inside Stuff

Image link to Saturday, Noon ET

Saturday, Noon ET

The show returns with a star-studded look at the offseason.

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1 Phoenix 1 0
2 Portland 1 0
3 San Antonio 1 0
4 Houston 2 0
5 Golden State 1 0
6 Memphis 1 0
7 New Orleans 1 0
8 Denver 1 0
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Go-go Gasol

On a Wednesday full of fireworks, Marc Gasol had an under-the-radar 32-point showing. Check it.