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Who's In?

Will Butler and Wade be All-Star teammates? How many Hawks will be selected? It's all answered tonight at 7 ET on TNT. On TNT: Nuggets-Grizzlies (8 ET) | Bulls-Lakers (10:30 ET) | All-Star 2015

Wednesday Rewind: Running 17

Atlanta bumps its win streak to 17 as we review an 11-game slate of games.

GameTime: Hot Hand

Kyrie Irving was in a rare zone Wednesday as he scored a career-high 55 points.

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Image link to 'One day at a time'

'One day at a time'

Kobe Bryant opens up on all of the challenges he's facing lately.


Report Cards

Image link to Making the grade

Making the grade

Brush up on the midseason progress reports for each team.


Image link to Will it last?

Will it last?

The Hawks are flying high, but will it carry over to the playoffs?

All Ball Blog

Way to go

The Cavs couldn't hold their excitement in after Kyrie Irving's incredible 55-point outburst.

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The Starters

Image link to Eastern reserves

Eastern reserves

Can 4 Hawks make the All-Star cut? What of Bosh and Wade?


Image link to Western roundup

Western roundup

Reserve roles might have to suffice for OKC's All-Star hopes.


Image link to Best back courts

Best back courts

Dennis Scott & Co. know which guard combos they love.

Inside Stuff

Image link to Saturday, Noon ET

Saturday, Noon ET

Celtics rookie Marcus Smart goes on a lobster fishing trip.

Stats & Standings

Stats Leaders


Rank Eastern W L
1 Atlanta 38 8
2 Toronto 31 15
3 Washington 31 16
4 Chicago 30 17
5 Cleveland 27 20
6 Milwaukee 23 22
7 Miami 20 25
8 Charlotte 19 27
Rank Western W L
1 Golden State 36 7
2 Memphis 33 12
3 Portland 32 14
4 L.A. Clippers 32 14
5 Houston 32 14
6 San Antonio 30 17
7 Dallas 30 17
8 Phoenix 27 20
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One Stat, One Play

Throw it down low

Marc Gasol has flourished in the post, and it's helped push the Grizzlies' offense into the top 10.