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GameTime: Are Cavs A Title Contender?

Expectations are high for LeBron and the Cavs. Too high? Here's what they must do.

GameTime: 'We Are Going To Compete'

No George. No Stephenson. But Larry Bird and the Pacers are still thinking playoffs.

Hang Time: Passing fancy

Better ball movement is a major goal for Russell Westbrook and OKC this season.

GameTime: Fired Up In L.A.

Energized by new ownership, Blake Griffin's Clippers are eager to take the next step.

All Ball: Just For Grins

You can't hold media day and not expect some NBA players to show their goofy side.

GameTime: Magic Act?

John Wall and the Wizards' nice 2014 finish now has some D.C. fans thinking Finals.

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Hang Time

Image link to Running with Rose

Running with Rose

Pau Gasol is in a great place -- if Derrick Rose can just stay healthy.



Image link to Back in the game?

Back in the game?

Kevin Durant reportedly has hopes of playing for the U.S. in 2016.

Image link to Soaking it in

Soaking it in

Kevin Garnett wistfully looks toward his 20th season in the NBA.

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USA Basketball

Image link to Forging a bond

Forging a bond

Go behind the scenes as Team USA begins to bond for Spain.


Image link to A golden opportunity

A golden opportunity

Team USA caps off its dominant run to the gold medal in Madrid.

Media Day

Image link to Have we met?

Have we met?

Kobe Bryant is back and healthy, but these aren't the old Lakers.


Image link to Broken in Boston

Broken in Boston

So just how did Rajon Rondo break his left hand? Let him explain.


Playoffs Leaders


Rank Eastern W L
1 Indiana 56 26
2 Miami 54 28
3 Toronto 48 34
4 Chicago 48 34
5 Washington 44 38
6 Brooklyn 44 38
7 Charlotte 43 39
8 Atlanta 38 44
Rank Western W L
1 San Antonio 62 20
2 Oklahoma City 59 23
3 L.A. Clippers 57 25
4 Houston 54 28
5 Portland 54 28
6 Golden State 51 31
7 Memphis 50 32
8 Dallas 49 33
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Clutch performance

Stephen Curry took some "clutch" 3-pointers in '13-14, but not the most per games played.