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Best Of The Best

With the free-agent season almost upon us, Sekou Smith reveals the top five available at each position. Who should sign whom? A few thoughts | Flying under the radar | Free Agent Tracker

Morning Tip: One And Done

It's been 10 years since the NBA went to its 19-year-old age limit. So ... has it worked?

The Only Option

When it came to opting out, Heat icon Dwyane Wade really had no other choice.

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Image link to Flexible spending

Flexible spending

However LaMarcus Aldridge decides, the Blazers are ready.


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Image link to Pull up a chair

Pull up a chair

Did we coincidentally witness an important sitdown meeting?


Image link to Retire or return?

Retire or return?

No decision yet, but Manu Ginobili knows how he'll announce it.



Who is the biggest free agent that could be on the move?

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Smitty's Mt. Rushmore

Image link to Smitty's Mt. Rushmore


Image link to Hello, Texas?

Hello, Texas?

Tim Duncan's Spurs are serious about LaMarcus Aldridge.

Image link to Suitable for signing

Suitable for signing

DeAndre Jordan looks like he'd be a good fit for several teams.


Playoffs Leaders


Rank Eastern W L
1 Atlanta 60 22
2 Cleveland 53 29
3 Chicago 50 32
4 Toronto 49 33
5 Washington 46 36
6 Milwaukee 41 41
7 Boston 40 42
8 Brooklyn 38 44
Rank Western W L
1 Golden State 67 15
2 Houston 56 26
3 L.A. Clippers 56 26
4 Portland 51 31
5 Memphis 55 27
6 San Antonio 55 27
7 Dallas 50 32
8 New Orleans 45 37
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Free Agent Tracker

New faces, new places

Marc Gasol, LaMarcus Aldridge and more. Keep up with who's staying put and who's moving on.