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Hawks Clinch East's No. 1 Seed

Atlanta beats Miami 99-86 to seal home-court advantage in the conference playoffs.

Warriors Streak Past Grizzlies

Golden State wins its 8th straight and ties a team record with its 59th win of the season.

On NBA TV: Inside Stuff

DeAndre Jordan is all about rebounding and being able to laugh at yourself (LIVE).

Spurs Deliver Payback

San Antonio drills Dallas 94-76 to avenge Tuesday's loss and tighten its hold on sixth.

KD's Season KO'd

Kevin Durant will have a third foot surgery. How will this affect him -- and the Thunder?

Thibodeau's New Problem

The Bulls are finally starting to get healthy. But is there such a thing as too healthy?

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Image link to Good to have friends

Good to have friends

A sleeping Dr. J helped World B. Free avoid a speeding ticket.



Image link to 'I should've stayed'

'I should've stayed'

Shaq wishes he had more patience before leaving Orlando.

Hang Time Blog

Image link to Not-so-social media

Not-so-social media

Mark Cuban is upset about officiating again ... this time on Twitter.

Kia MVP Ladder

Image link to Filling the void

Filling the void

Don't overlook Russell Westbrook's impact on OKC's playoff push.

All Ball Blog

Image link to Here's the pitch

Here's the pitch

The Cavs' Timofey Mozgov has a new home away from home.

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NBA Pulse

Smitty's Mt. Rushmore


Image link to Cavs' playoff push

Cavs' playoff push

David Blatt works to build chemistry as the Cavs eye the playoffs.


Image link to Accept the challenge

Accept the challenge

Damian Lillard says his job is to make Portland as good as it can be.

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Rank Eastern W L
1 Atlanta 55 17
2 Cleveland 47 27
3 Chicago 44 29
4 Toronto 43 30
5 Washington 41 32
6 Milwaukee 36 36
7 Miami 33 39
8 Boston 32 40
Rank Western W L
1 Golden State 59 13
2 Memphis 50 23
3 Houston 49 23
4 Portland 46 25
5 L.A. Clippers 48 25
6 San Antonio 46 26
7 Dallas 45 28
8 Oklahoma City 41 31
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Curry is golden

Stephen Curry scores 38 points Friday -- 17 in the third quarter -- with eight 3-pointers and 10 assists.