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Rondo Dealt To Mavericks

According to reports, Boston agrees in principle to send the All-Star point guard to Dallas as part of a four-player blockbuster that could include multiple draft picks. Rondo's season statistics

On TNT OT: Knicks-Bulls

Pick your favorite players to watch with TNT OT's exclusive multiple cameras (LIVE).

Later On TNT: Thunder-Warriors

OKC hits the road tonight looking to secure its eighth consecutive victory (10:30 ET).

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Image link to Chuck on Rondo

Chuck on Rondo

Barkley checks in courtside to weigh in on Rondo-Mavs.


All Ball Blog

Image link to All me

All me

Drake announces the Raptors' starters ... with some flair.


Image link to 'Embarrassing'


David Blatt was none too pleased after the Cavs' big loss.

Rookie Ladder

Image link to A new deck

A new deck

Jabari Parker's injury will drastically change the ROY race.

All-Star Ballot

Image link to It's that time

It's that time

Which players are going to NYC? Make your voice heard now!

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Fan Night Vote


Image link to Plain to see

Plain to see

Isiah Thomas spots a few glaring issues hurting the Cavs.

Diesel's Dunks

Image link to Up, up and away

Up, up and away

Shaq reviews the week's top 10 jams -- and then dances.

The Starters

Image link to On second thought

On second thought

The guys run down their biggest fantasy draft regrets.

Inside Stuff

Image link to Saturday at Noon ET

Saturday at Noon ET

It's the Season of Giving for Kristen Ledlow and Rudy Gay.

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Rank Eastern W L
1 Toronto 20 6
2 Washington 18 6
3 Atlanta 18 7
4 Chicago 15 9
5 Cleveland 14 10
6 Milwaukee 13 13
7 Miami 12 14
8 Brooklyn 10 14
Rank Western W L
1 Golden State 21 3
2 Memphis 21 4
3 Houston 19 5
4 Portland 20 6
5 L.A. Clippers 18 7
6 Dallas 19 8
7 San Antonio 17 9
8 New Orleans 12 12
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One Stat, One Play

Across the line

A lack of opportunities at the free-throw line has been a major concern for the Knicks.