Atlanta, GA, Sept. 8 – Turner Sports and the NBA announced today the 2008-09 NBA TV regular season game telecast schedule, marking the network’s 10th year of NBA coverage. The schedule includes a full line-up of 96 live games – the most of any network – and an all new interactive Fan Night, which for the first time ever will give fans the unique opportunity to vote for the games they want to see televised nationally on NBA TV each Tuesday night. To launch the new season, NBA TV will offer a free preview week Oct. 28 - Nov. 4, allowing distribution partners the opportunity to showcase NBA TV to all of their viewers during this time. The 2008-09 season marks the inaugural year of the NBA’s partnership with Turner Sports to manage the NBA Digital portfolio which includes NBA TV,, NBA League Pass, and

Beginning Saturday, Nov. 1 with the Washington Wizards @ Detroit Pistons at 7:30 p.m. ET, NBA TV will televise live games multiple days a week throughout the regular season. Additionally, the network will host Fan Night every Tuesday putting fans in charge of the weekly game selection. Fans can let their voice be heard by logging onto and selecting which of the available match-ups taking place around the league should be aired nationally on NBA TV. The top vote getting game will air on the network the following Tuesday night. Voting will begin Tues., Oct. 28 for the first Fan Night match-up which will air on Tues., Nov. 4.

“We’re proud to launch the new NBA season on NBA TV and with the introduction of Fan Night, a landmark multi-platform experience that takes fan interactivity to an unprecedented level,” said Bryan Perez, SVP and GM of NBA Digital. “This is a great example of our commitment to increase fan involvement and take full advantage of all our platforms in an integrated manner. Fans voting online to consistently program a major, national sports network pushes the boundaries of sports digital media.”

In addition to the Fan Night games which will be selected and announced on a weekly basis, key match-ups on NBA TV will include:
· Sat., Nov. 1 – A battle between the big men plays out as Shaquille O’Neal and the Phoenix Suns square off against 2007 No. 1 draft pick Greg Oden and the Portland Trail Blazers (10 p.m. ET).
· Sun., Nov. 9 – A rematch of the 2008 Eastern Conference Finals occurs when Chauncey Billups and the Detroit Pistons visit Kevin Garnett and the Boston Celtics (6 p.m. ET).
· Mon, Nov. 24 – Legendary coach Larry Brown returns to Philadelphia with his new team as the Charlotte Bobcats face the Philadelphia 76ers (7 p.m. ET).
· Mon., Dec. 8 – The new Oklahoma City Thunder franchise makes their NBA TV debut with the Kevin Durant-led squad hosting the Golden State Warriors (8 p.m. ET).
· Mon., Dec 15 – Coach Mike D’Antoni faces his former Suns team for the first time as head coach of the Knicks in a match-up between the New York Knicks at Phoenix Suns (9 p.m. ET).
· Sun., Jan. 4 – A heated playoff rivalry takes center court with LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers facing Gilbert Arenas and the Washington Wizards (1 p.m. ET).
· Mon., March 9 – Two of the NBA’s brightest stars collide as USA Basketball Olympic Gold Medalist Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat host fellow Olympic Gold Medal winner LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers (7:30 p.m. ET).

Turner Sports has televised award-winning NBA game and studio telecasts on the TNT and TBS networks for the past 25 consecutive seasons. Currently, TNT televises exclusive doubleheaders every Thursday night, along with the annual NBA All-Star Game, NBA Playoffs and Conference Finals.

Launched in 1999, NBA TV is the league's 24-hour digital network and an integral part of the NBA's television landscape with more than 300 games televised annually, original series, nightly highlights, real-time statistics and the latest fantasy basketball and video game news. Games and programming on NBA TV are increasingly offered in high-definition (HDTV) to viewers. The network is available through several of the nation's top cable and satellite companies and can also be seen in 79 countries outside the U.S. including France, Spain, Israel, the Philippines and China, as well as throughout the Middle East. NBA TV is managed by Turner Sports, a division of Turner Broadcasting, Inc.

Turner Sports, a division of Turner Broadcasting, Inc., presents some of the best and most popular sporting events worldwide and is a leader in televised and online sports programming. With events airing on TBS and TNT, Turner Sports’ line-up includes NASCAR and NASCAR.COM, the NBA, Major League Baseball, professional golf, and Turner Sports also manages NBA Digital, which includes NBA TV,, NBA League Pass, and

NBA on NBA TV 2008-09 Schedule



Date Day Time Teams
1)01-Nov-08 Sat 7:30pmWashington @ Detroit
2)01-Nov 10:00pm Portland @ Phoenix
3)02-Nov-08 Sun6:00pm Milwaukee @ New York
4)03-Nov-08Mon 8:30pm Cleveland @ Dallas
5)04-Nov-08 Tues TBD Fan Night
6)08-Nov-08 Sat 8:00pm Miami @ New Orleans
7)09-Nov-08 Sun 6:00pm Boston @ Detroit
8)10-Nov-08 Mon 7:00pm Portland @ Orlando
9)11-Nov-08 Tues TBD Fan Night
10)15-Nov-08 Sat 8:30pm New Orleans @ Houston
11)16-Nov-08 Sun 8:00pm Detroit @ Phoenix
12)17-Nov-08 Mon10:30pm San Antonio @ LA Clippers
13) 18-Nov-08TuesTBD Fan Night 
14) 22-Nov-08 Sat 7:00pm Houston @ Orlando 
15) 23-Nov-08 Sun 9:00pm Chicago @ Denver 
16) 24-Nov-08 Mon 7:00pm Philadelphia @ Charlotte 
17) 25-Nov-08 Tues TBD Fan Night  
18) 29-Nov-08 Sat 8:00pm Denver @ Minnesota 
19) 30-Nov-08 Sun 5:00pm Chicago @ Philadelphia  


Date Day Time Teams
20)01-Dec-08 Mon7:30pm Orlando @ Boston
21)02-Dec-08 Tues TBD Fan Night 
22)03-Dec-08 Wed 8:00pm Phoenix @ New Orleans 
23) 06-Dec-08 Sat 8:30pm Washington @ Chicago 
24) 07-Dec-08 Sun 1:00pm Portland @ Toronto  
25)08-Dec-08 Mon 8:00pm Golden State @ Oklahoma City 
26) 09-Dec-08 Tues TBD Fan Night 
27) 13-Dec-08 Sat 10:00pm New York @ Sacramento 
28)14-Dec-08 Sun 4:00pm Miami @ Memphis 
29)15-Dec-08 Mon 9:00pm New York @ Phoenix
30)16-Dec-08 Tues TBD Fan Night
31)20-Dec-08 Sat 8:30pm Utah @ Chicago
32)21-Dec-08 Sun 6:00pm Dallas @ Washington
33)22-Dec-08 Mon 7:30pm Houston @ New Jersey
34)23-Dec-08 Tues TBD Fan Night
35)26-Dec-08 Fri 10:30pm Boston @ Golden State
36)27-Dec-08 Sat 8:30pm Utah @ Houston
37)28-Dec-08 Sun 7:00pm New Orleans @ Indiana 
38)29-Dec-08 Mon 7:30pm Orlando @ Detroit 
39)29-Dec 10:30pm Toronto @ Golden State 
40) 30-Dec-08 Tues TBD Fan Night 

Date Day Time Teams
41)02-Jan-09 Fri 10:30pm Utah @ LA Lakers
42)03-Jan-09 Sat 8:30pm Philadelphia @ San Antonio
43)04-Jan-09 Sun 1:00pm Cleveland @ Washington
44)05-Jan-09 Mon 7:30pm San Antonio @ Miami
45) 06-Jan-09 Tues TBD Fan Night
46)10-Jan-09 Sat 10:00pm Golden State @ Portland
47)11-Jan-09 Sun 9:30pm Miami @ LA Lakers
48)12-Jan-09 Mon 7:30pm Toronto @ Boston
49)13-Jan-09 Tues TBD Fan Night
50) 17-Jan-09 Sat 7:30pm Philadelphia @ New York 
51) 18-Jan-09 Sun 7:00pm Miami @ Oklahoma City 
52) 19-Jan-09 Mon 4:00pm Washington @ Golden State 
53) 20-Jan-09 Tues TBD Fan Night  
54) 21-Jan-09 Wed 10:00pm Cleveland @ Portland 
55)24-Jan-09 Sat 7:30pm Orlando @ Miami 
56) 26-Jan-09 Mon 7:00pm Phoenix @ Washington 
57)27-Jan-09 Tues TBD Fan Night 
58)31-Jan-09 Sat 8:30pm New Orleans @ San Antonio 

Date Day Time Teams
59)02-Feb-09 Mon 7:30pm LA Lakers @ New York
60)03-Feb-09 Tues TBD Fan Night  
61) 04-Feb-09 Wed 8:30pm Portland @ Dallas 
62)07-Feb-09 Sat 7:30pm Denver @ New Jersey  
63)09-Feb-09 Mon 7:00pm Phoenix @ Philadelphia
64)10-Feb-09 Tues TBD Fan Night
65)10-Feb-09 TBD Fan Night
66)17-Feb-09 Tues TBD Fan Night 
67)21-Feb-09 Sat 9:00pm New Orleans @ Utah  
68)23-Feb-09 Mon 9:00pm Boston @ Denver 
69)24-Feb-09 Tues TBD Fan Night 
70)25-Feb-09 Wed 7:30pm Chicago @ New Jersey 
71)28-Feb-09 Sat 7:00pm Orlando @ Philadelphia 

72)02-Mar-09 Mon 7:30pm Cleveland @ Miami
73)03-Mar-09 Tues TBD Fan Night
74)07-Mar-09 Sat 8:30pm Washington @ Dallas
75)08-Mar-09 Sun 12:30pm Utah @ Toronto
76)09-Mar-09 Mon 10:00pm LA Lakers @ Portland
77)10-Mar-09 Tues TBD Fan Night 
78)11-Mar-09 Wed 7:00pm Chicago @ Orlando
79)11-Mar-09 10:30pm New Jersey @ Golden State 
80)14-Mar-09 Sat 9:00pm LA Clippers @ Denver
81)16-Mar-09 Mon 8:00pm Houston @ New Orleans
82)17-Mar-09 Tue TBD Fan Night  
83)20-Mar-09 Fri 8:30pm Boston @ San Antonio 
84)21-Mar-09 Sat 10:00pm Washington @ Phoenix
85)22-Mar-09 Sun 6:00pm Cleveland @ New Jersey
86)23-Mar-09 Mon 10:00pm Philadelphia @ Portland 
87)27-Mar-09 Fri 7:30pm Boston @ Atlanta 
88)28-Mar-09 Sat 9:00pm Phoenix @ Utah  
89)30-Mar-0 9Mon 7:30pm Milwaukee @ New Jersey 
90)31-Mar-09 Tues TBD Fan Night

Date Day Time Teams
91)04-Apr-09 Sat 7:00pm Miami @ Washington
92)05-Apr-09 Sun 9:30pm LA Clippers @ LA Lakers 
93)07-Apr-09 TuesTBD Fan Night 
94)11-Apr-09 Sat 9:00pmGolden State @ Utah
95) 12-Apr-09 Sun 6:00pm Philadelphia @ Toronto
96)13-Apr-09 Mon 7:30pm Chicago @ Detroit