It's Media Day in the NBA. Do you know where your superstars are?

You can find them right here on as we blogged live all day with All-Stars Shawn Marion, Elton Brand, Ben Wallace and Gilbert Arenas, to name a few.

On Friday, we'll get Shawn and Elton before they head off across the pond for Europe Live and on Monday, we'll have two players from nearly every team in the NBA and have their thoughts up online moments after speaking with them.

So, join us Friday and Monday as we talk to the playmakers and newsmakers from around the league. Why wait for the paper or your local nightly news? Get the scoop on the 2006-07 season now.

Boston Celtics

Posted by Ryan Gomes on Oct. 2, 2006 at 4:15 p.m. ET

Iíve just been working on, of course the same old, same old, working on my game, trying to get better as a player and do more things than I did last year. This off-season I worked on ball handling and shooting ability, not from three-point range, but more around 18 feet. I want to be able to knock down that shot consistently. So those were the two main areas that I focused on.

Iím very excited to be in camp. Especially being that I didnít play a full season last season, Iím ready to start off from the get go, play well, and show everyone that I can play at this level.

We have high hopes on our own ability. We have a young team that is very energetic and very athletic. I think our niche is just running, I donít want to say run-and-gun, but being a fast paced team.

New York Knicks

Posted by Stephon Marbury on Oct. 2, 2006 at 4:15 p.m. ET

Video: Marbury discusses his expectations for the upcoming season

This summer has been a real busy one for me as most people know with the Starbury clothing line that came out. Weíve been touring all around the country. It has been great. It has definitely been a life-gratifying experience. I think once you get the people on your side, and people understand that you are down with the people and youíre not above them, I think they have a different perspective about you as a person. Because a lot of people in the places that weíve been, they never even heard of Stephon Marbury or Starbury, so being around those people was more gratifying for myself just as a person than being somewhere where everyone knows you.

But now with the season starting soon, the focus will become basketball. We want to win. Isiah has an ultimatum to turn things around and we are want to play better, no question.

Posted by Jamal Crawford on Oct. 2, 2006 at 4:24 p.m. ET

This offseason, I made a point of trying to get stronger, and I did. I was lifting weights, working on my game, watching a lot of film, and just seeing how I could get better. A lot of times you see athletes with all kinds of crazy routines, and I incorporated some of that. I ran bleachers, ran steps. I had to pull a person while I dribbled the ball to improve my explosiveness and quickness. There were alot of different things that made up my offseason workouts.

I wanted to improve my ability to go to the hole. I could always do it, but I would settle for jumpers a lot. Now, I donít want to let anybody off the hook. The goal is to get as many easy jumpers as possible. I have been working on some different things to complement my crossover, so I am excited. When Opening Night comes around, it will be a chance for me to show the hard work that I put in over the summer. I look forward to putting our 23-win season behind us and trying to win as many games as possible. For me, it isn't going to be about personal goals. If we win, everything else will fall into place.

But before the season, there are more important matters, and that is for Nate to win the Photo of the Year contest. I saw the shot and I am going for Nate. Iím pulling for him. The little guy is the peopleís champ. A lot of people can relate to him because he is so small, but thatís our guy. He's taking the crown.

Philadelphia 76ers

Posted by Allen Iverson on Sept. 29, 2006 at 8:59 p.m. ET

Video: Allen Iverson talks about upcoming season: Watch

The most important thing for us is to establish ourselves as a defensive team and rebound the basketball. I think if we do those two things the offense will take care of itself. We can be as good as we want. The most important getting to the playoffs. If we get into the playoffs anything can happen.

It's always hard to win basketball games in the NBA. (The East) is a tough conference with great basketball teams and great individual players. It's going to be tough. I think the competition is going to be good for us.

Posted by Willie Green on Sept. 29, 2006 at 1:59 p.m. ET

My summer was spent intensely in a gym. I didnít take any vacations. We didnít have a winning season so my vacation was in the gym. I was rehabbing and just trying to get better. I was definitely just trying to get back all the things that I kind of lost when I got injuredÖthe power, the ability to move laterally. So, working with the trainer really helped me get a lot of that back. I was just trying to prepare myself to come back this season and give it my all.

My personal goal is real simple: to play better than I did last year. As a team, and Iím speaking on behalf of everybody, I know we want to get to the playoffs. And not just settle for getting there, but make an impact while weíre there.

Iím happy that the NBA has expanded itself to allow us to go over to Europe and other countries and share some of the historic moments. I really just want to soak it up, because Iíve never been over there. Iíve never been to Barcelona or Germany so its just exciting and Iím looking forward to seeing the different cultures and the different people and just learn as much as I can about what they do over there. I already had my passport, I was cool with that, but hopefully I can get a couple stamps on it this time.

Posted by Kyle Korver on Sept. 29, 2006 at 2:15 p.m. ET

I spent my summer lifting and just working on my overall game. I worked on putting the ball on the floor, coming off of pick-and-rolls, just becoming a better player. I also watched a lot of tape to see how Reggie Miller came off a screen to shoot, how Larry Bird squared his shoulders. Just a lot of work.

I just want to be better. I donít set goals like average such-and-such points or so many rebounds. I just want to be a complete basketball player. The goal is to win a championship. Thatís always the goal. We know that we need to make the playoffs first to make that happen though.

Europe is pretty far to go for training camp, huh? Iím looking forward to it, but itís not all about sight seeing and being tourists. Weíre there to work. We have two-a-days. We all are just trying to get better as a basketball team.