SECAUCUS, NJ, Dec. 9, 2006 -- Allen Iverson has been as synonymous with Philadelphia as the cheesesteak over the last 11 seasons, but it appears that association will change in the coming days. Sixers Chairman Ed Snider told the media on Friday that Iverson has "probably" played his last game in a Philadelphia uniform and now the speculation begins as to his next destination. The former No. 1 pick and 2001 league MVP is on the trading block and time will tell the "answer" to Iverson's fate.

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Dec. 17, 2006

St. Paul Pioneer Press: Nuggets, Wolves lead A.I. chase
Denver Post: Denver leads race for Iverson
Miami Herald: Is Iverson worth price?
Seattle Times: Here's hoping A.I. goes to a contender
New York Daily News: New Answer

Dec. 16, 2006

New York Times: Over 31 Points a Game. Anyone? ... Anyone?
San Antonio Express-News : Where Will Iverson Land?
Rocky Mountain News: Don't hold breath awaiting Iverson deal
Los Angeles Daily News: In quest of the Answer

Dec. 15, 2006

Boston Herald: Iverson Falling Off Celts' Radar
Denver Post: Denver Trying to Seal a Deal for A.I.
Gaston Gazette: Bickerstaff Puts an End to Iverson Talk
Los Angeles Daily News: No Question: Clippers Need an Answer Now
New York Daily News: Larry Offers Own Answer
Philadelphia Inquirer: Croce: Exiling Iverson is Wrong
Philadelphia Inquirer: Only Thing More Than A.I. Suitors is A.I. Rumors
Rocky Mountain News: Iverson Not the Answer for Nuggets
Star-Tribune: Iverson, Garnett Would Be Perfect Together

Dec. 14, 2006

Miami Herald: Heat Shows Interest
Courier Post: A.I. in Celtic Green? Well, Maybe
Los Angeles Times: An Answer is Out There for L.A.
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Iverson Not the Answer for Atlanta
Boston Globe: Interested Parties Await Answer
Denver Post: Let's Make a Deal
Denver Post: Kiszla: Nuggets Serious About A.I.
ESPN Insider: Baron, Biedrins for Iverson?
New York Daily News: Riley's Wily on Iverson
Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Croce: Iverson Should Be On Court

Dec. 13, 2006, Bill Simmons: Don't Question the Answer Most likely landing spots for A.I.
Sacramento Bee: Iverson to Kings? No deal
New York Newsday: Smoke but no fire on deal for Iverson
Courier Post: Minus Iverson, Sixers learning roles on offense
Philadelphia Inquirer: Iverson rumors are all over the map
Philadelphia Inquirer: 76ers get the point: Someone must replace Iverson's scoring
Philadelphia Inquirer: Rich Hofmann | A.I. didn't change
Philadelphia Inquirer: Big Sixers Deals That Went Bad
Philadelphia Inquirer: Iverson already gone from the team's pregame highlight reel
Toronto Star: Answer, Sixers blowing in wind
Washington Times: This A.I. is model of inefficiency
Charlotte Observer: Iverson watch continues, with one less suitor
Sports Illustrated: Shopping Daze No no-trade contract? No problem for The Answer Wherever he goes, look out

Dec. 12, 2006 Bickerstaff: "We won't mortgage the future for Iverson" Iverson saga won't end well for anyone
USA Today: Fine tuning the Answer
Wall Street Journal: Players and columnists in every NBA town are lining up to make a pitch for Allen Iverson Iverson-76ers divorce messy, but long overdue
New York Post: Dealing Iverson Is No Gamble
Courier Post: Sixers: Iverson will stay on inactive list
Philadelphia Inquirer: Webber steps forward, accepting the torch
Philadelphia Inquirer: Barkley saw this A.I. mess coming
Philadelphia Inquirer: One thing can restore Iverson's image
Philadelphia Inquirer: Iverson's story similar to another city icon: Dick Allen.
Philadelphia Inquirer: Ayers worries about Cheeks' future

Dec. 11, 2006

The Detroit News: Iverson shoppers: Beware buyer's regret Fool's Gold So, what's he worth? The Waiting Game Sixers trying to close Iverson deal by Tuesday 76ers May Trade Iverson by Tonight, ESPN Says
Star-Ledger: An Iverson-Sixers separation is long overdue
Courier Post: Dealing A.I. not as easy as you may think
Philadelphia Inquirer: On the NBA | Sixers' Silver Lining
St. Paul Pioneer Press: The Answer Is... Taylor says he might be interested

Dec. 10, 2006 Stein: Where's he headed?
New York Times: Duped By Iverson Imitator
Courier Post: Minus A.I., Sixers drop 7th straight
Courier Post: Area hoop players to miss A.I.
Courier Post: Pressure Now Falls On King
Philadelphia Inquirer: Amid turmoil, Sixers endure another defeat
San Antonio Express-News: Nuggets or Celtics could land Iverson
Los Angeles Times: Mark Heisler: Iverson isn't over yet, but he is out
Cbssportsline: Turning the Cheek The early buzz on potential trades

Dec. 9, 2006 Utah Not The Answer Marc Stein: Where's he headed? A.I. and ball gone? Don't expect too much in return for A.I., Philly fans
New York Post: A.I. Sent Home Sixer Exec: We'll Trade Him
New York Times: While 76ers Talk Trade, Iverson Pens a Farewell
Courier Post: Snider: Sixers set to part ways with Iverson
Courier Post: 76ers' losing skid continues A.I. will soon be history Snider: A.I. wants trade, so we'll do it Wizards wave magic wand, overcome 76ers' 20-point edge 'We're going to trade him'
Philadelphia Daily News: Teammates Diplomatic in Wake of Iverson News
Washington Post: Iverson Wants Out
Oklahoman: Stars Line Up to Make Pleas for Iverson
CBS Sportsline: A.I. out
Sports Illustrated: The 11-Year Itch Bubba Chucked? Escape Route Trade winds in Philly So where will Iverson end up?

Dec. 8, 2006

USA Today: 76ers sent Iverson home before game vs. Wizards
Yahoo Sports: End of an era? Sixers ready to trade Iverson Iverson creates buzz, but Ainge stays silent
Boston Herald: Green resume pursuit of Iverson
St. Paul Pioneer Press: Wolves: We can't afford Iverson
Chicago Tribune: Iverson's Trade Wish May Spoil Bulls' Plans
Sports Illustrated: As Suns Hit Stride, T'wolves Mull an Answer for KG
Sports Illustrated: Truth and Rumors