NBA TV's Ahmad Rashad hosts "Tuesday Night With Ahmad", which appears this Tuesday on NBA TV at 6 pm ET. During the show, Ahmad lets fans know what's happening and what's on tap in the NBA.

NBA TV's Ahmad Rashad has a star-studded lineup of guests this week.
Jennifer Pottheiser/NBAE/Getty

Five Questions With Ahmad Rashad, Host of Tuesday's With Ahmad

1) What's on tap for this week's show?
"We'll be joined in the studio by the New Jersey Nets Richard Jefferson and former Detroit Piston Darvin Ham, who will be co-hosting, with Patrick Ewing off this week. Plus we'll have interviews with the Wizards Caron Butler and one of my main men, the Cavaliers Damon Jones. And we'll have some highlights from this weekend's roast of LeBron James in Cleveland."

2) What kind of dynamic can we expect from Richard being in the studio with you?
"Richard is one of the league's best interviews, and he always brings an interesting perspective to different topics, so it'll be a lot of fun having him on the show."

3) Damon Jones, never shy with his warddrobe off the court and bravado on the court. Does he remind you of any player, past or present?
"Damon Jones is in a class by himself, but anytime you talk about players with stylish wardrobes, you'd have to think of Walt 'Clyde' Frazier, even if he never wore a leopard skin suit like Damon. And when I think of players with bravado but who also have a sense of humor about it, the one who comes to mind is Darryl Dawkins."

4) Does Caron Butler make your All-Star team?
"I would have to say yes. He's averaging career highs in every category, and he's one of the main reasons the Wizards are leading the East right now, so there should be a place for him on the Eastern Conference All-Star team"

5) What is your favorite Darvin Ham story?
"I don't know if there's one particular story, but I do know that Darvin threw down some thunderous dunks during his career, and I always enjoyed the nickname of those dunks: 'A Ham Slam-wich'."