AUBURN HILLS, Mich., Nov. 19 (Ticker) -- Stephen Jackson made quite a first impression on the overheated rivalry between the Indiana Pacers and Detroit Pistons.

Jackson delivered knockouts of all kinds as the Pacers brawled with fans in the stands and on the court after a 97-82 victory over the Pistons, a game that was called with 45 seconds to play.

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In one of the craziest melees in NBA history, Jackson, Ron Artest and Jermaine O'Neal all landed haymakers on unruly Pistons fans, who showed the worst side of their behavior by throwing everything from plastic bottles to chairs at members of the Pacers, who fought back - literally.

"That was the ugliest thing I've ever seen in my life as a coach or player," Pistons coach Larry Brown said. "I'm just embarrassed for our league and disappointed being a part of this with young people seeing that."

Several Pacers went into the stands to accost fans who had thrown things. Jackson climbed into the seats and landed a roundhouse right that floored a fan next to another fan who had thrown a plastic beer bottle at Artest, hitting him in the face.

Fans continued to throw things and verbally accost members of the Pacers. Several came onto the court and one took a fighting stance against Artest, who dropped him with a punch. O'Neal ran over and floored another fan with a righthanded blow.

Former NBA player and ESPN announcer Bill Walton said under no circumstances should players react to fans' actions.

"You have to prepare yourself for every eventuality," he said. "Yes, the temptation is always there, but the discipline required to become an NBA player, the privilege and honor that goes with being an NBA player, prohibits you from ever crossing that line.

"It was a frightful, devastating experience. There will be major ramifications of this for both teams and this could have a huge impact for the rest of the NBA."

There was some speculation after the game that assault charges would be filed against one or more of the Pacers, but nothing was expected Friday night.

"The NBA is withholding comment until it can review the incident," NBA spokesman Tim Frank said. Players from both teams left without comment.

"I don't believe anyone will be arrested tonight," said Tom Wilson, the president of Palace Sports and Entertainment. "The Pacers are going to leave and if criminal charges are decided on, they will come back at that point."

Fighting with each other minutes earlier, the Pacers and Pistons quickly teamed up to fight off the fans. Detroit forward Rasheed Wallace and radio announcer Rick Mahorn went into the stands to try to break things up. Referee Tommy Nunez Jr. was clipped in the head with a thrown bottle, opening a cut.

The game was called, which forced the Pacers to make their way through a gauntlet of angry fans who continued to throw objects despite pleas from Brown. Players and team officials were showered with beer, soda and popcorn. No players from either team spoke with the media.

"I felt like I was fighting for my life out there," Pacers coach Rick Carlisle told ESPN.

Acquired in the offseason, Jackson is new to this rivalry, which peaked with the Pistons defeating the Pacers in six physical games in last season's Eastern Conference finals.

He scored 13 points, including a dagger 3-pointer and dunk less than 40 seconds apart that ended a rally by the Pistons and gave the Pacers a 93-79 lead with 3:52 to play.

Artest scored 24 points and initially showed remarkable restraint. With 45 seconds left, he fouled Ben Wallace, who clearly overreacted and shoved Artest with a chokehold.

Artest walked away but was followed by Wallace, who had to be restrained. While players from both teams jawed at each other and order was being restored, Artest lay down on the scorer's table when he was hit with the bottle, and the Palace looked like a prison riot.

"I'm sorry the game had to end this way," Carlisle said. "It was a great game up to that point."

O'Neal had 20 points and 13 rebounds and Austin Croshere scored 15 points for the Pacers, who have won three in a row.

Richard Hamilton scored 20 points and Rasheed Wallace added 19 for the Pistons, who rallied from a 20-point first-half deficit to get within 84-79 with just under eight minutes to go. O'Neal made a free throw before Croshere sank a 3-pointer and Jackson sealed the win.

Indiana held a 36-29 lead before embarking on a 13-0 run fueled by O'Neal to open a 20-point lead midway through the second quarter.