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Prospect Profile

Dennis Schroeder

  • Full Name: Dennis Schroeder
  • Position: Point Guard
  • Height/Weight: 6-2 / 165
  • Birthdate: September 15, 1993
  • Club: Phantoms Braunschweig (Germany)
Atlanta Hawks Round 1: Pick 17

- Get to Know Dennis Schroeder 
- 2013 Hawks Draftee Press Conference

- Excellent length (6'7.5) for size
- Ability to run offense under control  both in half-court and transition
- Very quick first step, can get past defender at will
- Top level speed
- Strong defender with length to create steals or deflections

- Sometimes loses concentration resulting in higher turnover rate
- Shooting range needs improvement and consistency from NBA distance
- Skinny frame, will get pushed around at this point
- Mostly right-hand dominant. Needs to gain ability to go left

NBA projection
He'll likely be selected by the middle of the first round. He shows an uncommon maturity in running the offense both in transition and in the half court, has a very quick first step and is very long. He sat out the final day of the NBA pre-draft combine in Chicago leading speculation that he has a promise to be picked fairly highly in the first round.

2012-2013 Season
Schroeder dominated in Germany Pro-B for eight games and then moved to the top German league. That's like being promoted from AA to the major leagues in baseball. He had a solid first season in the BBL and showed maturity for his age and experience level in running the point. He then impressed everyone a the Nike Hoop Summit practices and games, scoring 17 points, dishing out eight assists and vastly outplaying the touted American point guards.

Key statistics
11.9 ppg | 2.5 rpg | 3.3 apg | 0.9 spg | 2.5 tpg | 24.7 mpg |.436 2PT | .402 3PT | .838 FT (BBL)
23.5 ppg | 4.3 rpg | 5.1 apg | 2.3 spg | 3.5 tpg | 32.0 mpg | .458 2PT | .306 3PT | .878 FT (Pro-B)

Cool statistic
Schroeder made 85.1 per cent of his free throws this season.

Reminds me of ...
A combination of Rajon Rondo and Tony Parker

What Insiders Say
Carl Berman, NetScouts Basketball
"I can away very impressed with Schroeder after the week at the Nike Hoop Summit. He was in total control of the offense, whether in half-court or transition, which was very impressive for someone of his experience level and age. He has an extremely quick first step and can get by his defender easily. He's very long and will be an elite defender. He needs to get stronger but has a very high ceiling."

Lorenzo Neri, Draftology
"One of my favorite prospects in this draft. He's only 19 but plays like a pro. Great tempo on offense, runs the pick & roll very well and could be  a great defender with athleticism and long arms. He needs to work on his shot, but this year has improved a lot on his jumper"

Sam Chadwick, Prospects in Europe
"A future All-Star PG & that's no joke, a 19 year old doing exceptionally well in one of Europe's top leagues against solid opposition, had 20pts & 4 assists against the best team in Germany & 14pts, 4 rebs & 6 assists with 0 turnovers against Jared Jordan & Telekom Baskets Bonn.  His 6' 7" wingspan is a huge positive for him as he could be a lock down defender with those long arms."

-- Chris Denker and Carl Berman are Managing Partners of NetScouts Basketball, "The International Basketball Connection."  You can follow NetScouts Basketball on twitter @netscouts, or follow Chrisand Carl.