Postgame Quotes: Suns at Spurs - Feb. 27, 2013

Lindsey Hunter

Suns Center Jermaine O'Neal

Suns Forward Goran Dragic

Gregg Popovich

Tony Parker

Manu Ginobili

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Head Coach Lindsey Hunter

(On tonight’s win)

“It was great for us. We talk a lot about San Antonio because that’s the model that I see us being. The way (Gregg) Pop coaches and teaches the whole system they run, it’s all of the things that we talk about being. That’s it. You can’t get a win in here. It’s not easy to get a win in here. It’s hard. Watching film on them, you have to beat them. They won’t give you anything. You have to beat them. Even in this game, there was a situation where we didn’t do what we were supposed to do and they almost hit a three. I’ve said it time and time again, so it’s great for us to learn from. The guys fought as hard as they possibly could on a back-to-back. It’s just great to get one of those. It makes you feel like all the work you’ve been doing shows up.”

(On what he attributes the win to)

“I think they missed some shots they normally make, so defensively we did some things great that worked great for us. Wesley Johnson’s defense on (Tony) Parker was phenomenal because he could recoup from being beat and still bother him. That was big for us. Jermaine O’Neal was just outstanding all night. Marcin (Gortat) was great. He rebounded and fought. Every guy that contributed tonight did a great job. Goran (Dragic) chased all night and got in foul trouble. They had to put him on a bigger guy but he distributed the ball well. Everybody that came off that bench and played did a great job.”

(On the three pointer that sent the game into overtime)

“Great pass. Wes (Johnson) was there to catch it and had enough composure to get it up and get behind the line. It was a great play. We had to stop quick and get it out. That was good. We did an excellent job in just about all aspects of the game. There are some things we still have to clean up. To be tested against a team like that, you have to take your hat off to our guys. They fought hard. This is not easy to do.”


Suns Center Jermaine O'Neal

(On guarding Tim Duncan)

“I have a lot of respect for Tim. He’s one of the greatest power forwards to ever play. I’ve always admired him as a player. If you’re going to come in and play the Spurs, you have to play against him.”

(On the team’s win)

“Tonight was a great team effort against the best team in the NBA on their court. For us, we’re obviously not in the playoff run, but it’s about trying to be a better team. Games like these are what build character and put us in the right direction. That’s what we’re trying to do.”

(On the probability of him playing in the NBA after this season)

“Do I feel like I can physically play? Yes. I’m going to go back to Germany as soon as the season is over. I’m going to take three to four weeks off, let the body heal and go through the same process. The knee was really the ailment and it slowed me down a lot. Physically do I feel like I can play? Absolutely.”


Suns Forward Goran Dragic

(On the Sun’s defensive effort)

“Everybody was on the same page. We knew a lot of the time Tony (Parker) was going to play pick and roll with Tiago (Splitter) and Duncan (Tim). They had really good ball movement and always find the open shooter. Our goal today was to contest as many shot attempts as possible.”


Spurs Head Coach Gregg Popovich

(On the difference in tonight’s game)

“There were a lot of differences. They (Suns) played better in a lot of different areas. We didn’t play very well. They shot the ball pretty well. Overall we made a lot of mental errors. Especially on that last play on the free-throw line when (Wesley) Johnson went all the way down the court and he wasn’t picked up. That cost us the game. They played well. You have to give Phoenix credit. They have been winning a lot of games. We just beat them and they came in here and were physical. They played hard. They did a better job on the boards. They obviously got a big rebound at the end. They deserved to win the basketball game. I thought that they were the more aggressive team and they played smarter than we did.”


Spurs Guard Tony Parker

(On tonight's game)

“It was a weird rhythm the whole night and we had a chance to win it at the end. It just did not happen."

(Thoughts on the Wesley Johnson’s three to end regulation)

"I think we were kind of surprised that Manu (Ginobili) missed that last free throw, but they made a great play. Wesley made a big three."

(On not being able to close out Phoenix)

"It was just one of those games that was just not for us tonight. We have to give Phoenix a lot of credit, they played great. They stayed in the game and hit some big shots."


Spurs Guard Manu Ginobili

(On not being able to close Phoenix out tonight)

“We did not play a good game. We made too many mistakes and when you are playing a team that is not really playing with a lot of pressure and you keep them alive, these things can happen. It was a pretty poor performance from us down the stretch and in the second half in general.”

(Reaction to tonight's game)

"We are all very upset especially after the performance we had on the road. Coming back home and losing the first one is hard but it happens. We got relaxed after such a long road trip but this is what happens in the NBA when you do not play your best.”

(On their defense in the second half)
"They were very aggressive. They played the pick-and-rolls very well. They are also very athletic and rotated well. We are usually pretty good at those kinds of defenses but tonight we were just not in the game."