All-Star 2009 - The Best Quotes

by Jeramie McPeek
VP, Digital

'I realize that this might be the last time for me. I wanted to do something memorable."
"Ask your mother."
When asked why he's still so popular.
“I told [David Robinson] something that I never told anyone in my life before. I told him that he deserved it and that he was always my favorite player. He always was. In high school I designed my game. I picked him, Patrick Ewing and Rony Seikaly as the three guys to pattern myself after."
You can go back to Ms. Swan, my fourth-grade teacher in Georgia, I’ve always been a class clown. I was always silly. I got into trouble. I could remember my mom telling me one day, this is either going to make you a lot of money or get you into a lot of trouble. I can remember one time in college, my marketing professor said, ‘Big guys don’t sell.'
"Nobody really trash talked to me because I’m the type I'll meet you after the game by the bus."
"This is the first team that I've been on where everybody actually likes each other. We hang out. We do things together. They're nice guys."
On the Phoenix Suns
"The first deal I wanted coming out of high school was $8 million for 10 years. But then Jon Koncak signed for $15 million for three years. So I thought, if he could get $5 million a year, I gotta get 15."
"I told Kobe this, that if we had our own reality show it would be the best ever."

"I was nervous about [my high heals] with the floor" Tamia Hill on singing the Canadian National Anthem

haq is a mountain. I saw him last night in the white suit and I said, ‘goodness gracious.' - Joe Torre
"When I look back to how All-Star Weekend began, there was no possible way that I saw this becoming what it is today. I was trying to save my job."
Suns President Rick Welts on how he helped start the NBA All-Star tradition
"I've got a lot left. I've just got to find it."
Clyde Drexler on Celebrity Game

"Nah, that was a lot of was a good Christmas gift for my mom."

Roger Mason, Jr on his shot that ruined the Suns' Christmas

"Don't you sell that picture, you'll get me in trouble!"

Tony Parker when took a photo of him with a community volunteer.
"Shaq's sneaker is a like a house for small animals."
Ray Allen