Marquese Chriss Details Draft-Day Madness in Diary

Imagine being 18 years old, not knowing where you might work for the next half-decade of your life and having everyone around you taking their best guess.

That's a glimpse into the life of Marquese Chriss heading into the 2016 NBA Draft, which saw him selected eighth overall by Sacramento before being traded to Phoenix. That's just the basketball aspect of the day, which included waiting, interviews, photo shoots and bus rides.

In a diary published on Medium.com, the newest Suns forward captured the non-stop action from his NBA induction, starting with his arrival in New York all the way through the end of draft night.

"I didn’t go to sleep [the night before the draft] until 3 in the morning. I’m still on West Coast time. I woke up and I just thought, 'Wow — finally. It’s finally the day. It’s actually going to happen.'"

Chriss thought Phoenix might draft him with the fourth overall selection, but instead the Suns traded for the former Washington standout after Sacramento took him four picks later.

He writes that, in the end, he ended up with the team that was best for him.

"I felt like I had a connection with the Suns pretty much since the beginning. I met with them at the Combine and felt really comfortable. When I came down for my workout, it felt like a great fit. I knew of Earl Watson because I played against his AAU team. That’s what I told him at the meeting: 'My AAU team beat yours.' When my agent and I sat down after, he asked me, 'Where do you think you would be a good fit?'

"I said here."

Behind the Scenes with Marquese Chriss at the 2016 NBA Draft