The Suns' new uniforms earned a No. 11 ranking from

ESPN Pegs New Suns Uniforms as 11th Best in NBA

by Matt Petersen

The Suns’ new threads have gotten plenty of local attention since their revealing last week. National opinion is now coming in, this time via ESPN rankings. The sports site evaluated all 30 teams based on their respective looks.

Phoenix now boasts the newest look in the league, just weeks after the New Orleans Hornets unveiled their own makeover following the name-change from “Hornets” to “Pelicans”. Their new look earned them an underwhelming 22nd place from the Worldwide Leader in Sports.

As for the Suns, they landed just outside the top third of the league at No. 11. Here’s the reasoning behind the ranking:

“This brand-new uni set, unveiled just a few days before the Power Rankings went live, will need to log some time on the court before we can fully evaluate it, but the early indications are promising. The whole package feels like a very tasteful updating of the Suns' 1990s look, and the orange gradient on the home lettering looks particularly sharp. Even the sleeved alternate works. One serious fly in the ointment, though: the wraparound butt striping on the shorts.”

Kudos to ESPN for recognizing the uniform’s shout-out to the 90s, as well as noticing the “orange gradient” (the designer responsible is likely thrilled someone took the time to notice that detail).

It’s encouraging to see a sports opinion that isn’t all positive/negative. They acknowledged what they liked and what they didn’t, just as fans are doing now that they’ve had a few days to really absorb the Suns’ new look.


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