Suns New Uniform Phoenix's Own

Being a Suns fan isn’t a one-time thing. It’s a legacy, a shared past. It’s something handed down from generation to generation. That’s because this is Phoenix’s team and the Suns’ new “PHX Rising” uniform is one that honors this team’s storied past and bright future.

“One of the things we were trying to do is make sure all the uniforms we’re building have some sort of legacy to the history of the Phoenix Suns,” said Greg Fisher, the creative mind behind the uniform. “We used the Old West type because it was part of the legacy.”

That iconic western font is emblazoned on the front of the new jersey in black lettering, outlined in the bold orange that has become synonymous with the Suns over the decades. The lettering is nearly identical to that used in one of the first iterations of the team’s jersey from 1973-1992.

One of the players who wore that font across his chest was Suns Head Coach Jeff Hornacek. His current point guard, Eric Bledsoe, is proud to be able to carry on the tradition that started so many years ago.

“It’s throwback,” Bledsoe said with a smile. “Everybody nowadays likes that throwback fashion.”

The font isn’t the only thing helping connects the past and the present. The sunburst on the bottom of the shorts harkens back to the original design worn by the likes of Dick Van Arsdale, Connie Hawkins and Paul Westphal. Don’t worry, though, these shorts are much longer than their predecessors. The entire look is tied together with the modern-day numbers on the chest and back, and the “S” mark that was introduced last season on the sleeves.

The color scheme pays homage to the history behind the name of the city we call home. Like the bird of Greek origin, the city rose from the ruins of a former civilization into a thriving metropolis earning it the name Phoenix.

“The black, orange and grey palette symbolizes the ash, smoke and embers of the mythological bird,” Fisher said.

It’s a color scheme Bledsoe is all in favor of.

“The color’s real smooth and the old-school stuff adds to it,” he said. “They’re sweet, man.”

In a city that is defined by its shared dreams and passions, there is a lot to be proud about. This uniform, which will be worn during four games this season (Feb. 26, March 19, April 2 & 24), is just another one of them. Because the Suns are Phoenix’s team and when we rise like the Phoenix, we rise together.

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(Suns.com's Matt Petersen contributed to this report.)