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Social media roundup: Adam Morrison fondly recalls Kobe Bryant's kind gesture

Kobe goes above and beyond for a teammate in need, Jayson Tatum shares his current Top 3 and more

With the entire country reeling and social distancing to combat spread of COVID-19, players around the NBA continue to drop gems on various social media platforms. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the content generated by players around the NBA as they await the all-clear to resume the season:

Kobe Bryant lifts Adam Morrison’s spirit with gift

Touching tales starring Kobe Bryant continue to circulate through social media long after the star’s tragic death, with Adam Morrison sharing the latest Thursday on the Rejecting the Screen podcast.

The No. 3 overall pick of the 2006 NBA Draft, Morrison played four seasons in the NBA and was released by the Los Angeles Lakers in 2010. That represented a low point in his career, but Morrison — a fan of Premier League club Chelsea — explained how Bryant lifted his spirits by gifting him a game-worn, signed Didier Drogba jersey.

“I wasn’t playing obviously, career was in the [expletive],” Morrison said. “My personal life wasn’t great. I was really depressed. I was basically a hermit in my own house. I didn’t go out in the community at all, and if you did it was people asking you, ‘Why aren’t you playing?’ I was 26 at the time or whatever I was, No. 3 pick, just a really low point in my life, and I got a text from Robert Lara, the Lakers security and one of Kobe’s best friends. He said ‘Hey, what’s your address, I’ve got something in the mail for you.’”

To Morrison’s surprise, Bryant seemed to know exactly what would lift his former teammate’s spirits.

“I get the package, and it’s an autographed jersey from Didier Drogba, who is my favorite player,” Morrison explained in a story that has since been shared by Chelsea’s official website. “I’m a Chelsea fan. It was from Kobe. A game-worn jersey, signed, ‘Didier Drogba, To Adam, Best Wishes.’ I always thought Kobe made a phone call, which would be fine, still cool as [expletive], unbelievable.”

On the night of Bryant’s death in a helicopter crash, which also included the star’s daughter, Gianna, and seven other passengers, Morrison would find yet another surprise while perusing Chelsea’s page on Instagram.

“The night he passed, I’m scrolling through, reading everything, and I’m emotional, and on Chelsea’s Instagram page,” Morrison said. “It’s him with Didier Drogba holding up a jersey, and it says, ‘To Adam, Best Wishes.’ So, he went up to my favorite player, got it signed for me without even asking, and sent it to me when he knew I was low. It’s unbelievable. I still have the jersey. That’s what Kobe Bryant was. He’s just one of those dudes who understood his own aura and could sense when people were down.”

* * *

Jayson Tatum reveals his Top 3 NBA players

Boston Celtics forward Jayson Tatum revealed his top three players during a chat on Instagram Live, in addition to pointing out that he believes Houston Rockets guard James Harden is deserving of more than just one Kia NBA Most Valuable Player Award.

Tatum called LeBron James “the best player,” and ranked Kevin Durant at No. 2, followed by Kawhi Leonard at No. 3.

“This is LeBron’s 28th year in the league, and he was probably gonna win the MVP [if the season hadn’t been put on hiatus],” Tatum joked.

When it was mentioned that Giannis Antetokounmpo captured last season’s MVP award, Tatum immediately stepped up in support of Harden.

“James Harden should’ve won MVP last year,” Tatum said. “He definitely should’ve won back-to-back MVPs.”

Tatum also revealed who he considers to be the top players at each position. At center, Joel Embiid receives Tatum’s nod. Anthony Davis is Tatum’s top power forward, and James is the best small forward. Tatum’s starting guards would be Harden and Stephen Curry.

* * *

Curry confident he could drop 60 on “everybody”

Here’s a lighthearted conversation between former teammates Stephen Curry and JaVale McGee. What can’t be denied here is Curry’s supreme confidence. But was he joking or serious? Seems like a little of both from this vantage point.

Anyway, McGee played the role of interviewer here, and asks Curry, “What team or player on that team that you know is guarding you do you look at it and be like, ‘Oh yeah, I’m getting 60 tonight?’”

“Ooooh,” Curry responded. “Everybody.”

Curry’s answer sent McGee running around the room yelling while the Warriors guard cracked up laughing.

“What is going on?” McGee asked. “Steph Curry just sent shots at every player.”

Curry’s response: “Quarantine done changed me, huh?

* * *

Sexton says Cavs will make playoffs next season

For the record, Sexton hasn’t all of a sudden become quarantine cocky. This interview with Sexton was conducted before the NBA season was put on hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sexton covers a variety of subjects in this wide-ranging interview from learning to playing off-ball to changing the culture in Cleveland with new coach J.B. Bickerstaff. But what stuck out the most about this interview was Sexton’s response to when the Cavaliers would make it back to the postseason. Cleveland hasn’t advanced to the playoffs since 2018, but Sexton expects the Cavs to be back in it soon.

“Next season,” Sexton said when asked when the Cavs would make it back to the playoffs.

The interviewer then asks whether Sexton is serious.

His response: “Yes. Next season.”

In his second season, Sexton, 21, was averaging 20.8 points, 3.1 rebounds and 3.0 assists per game in 2019-20. He also averaged 30 ppg in the five games before the season went on hiatus.

At 19-46, the Cavaliers currently rank last in the Eastern Conference.

* * *

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