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Thunder's Chris Paul buys teammates custom suits

The Thunder’s Chris Paul likes to dress well for the holidays, and this year he made sure his teammates shared his sartorial splendor.

Paul, in a giving mood befitting the season, gifted custom-made Frere suits to all his mates on Wednesday.

And even 6-11 Steven Adams — who often wears sweat pants, camouflage and flip-flops — looked quite dapper, strutting through the tunnel for Wednesday night’s game with the Memphis Grizzlies.

The Oklahoman interviewed Adams and other Thunder players about the experience.

“It kind of screwed me up, to be honest with you, when I came in,” Adams said. “Because I give a certain amount of time. I didn’t realize how much time it takes to put on one actually. It’s a lot longer than what I’m normally (wearing), so I didn’t account for it. Just like, ah yeah, five minutes, mate.”

Paul organized the event. He came up with the idea over the summer. Then, he brought in tailors earlier in the season to get the whole team fitted. The tailors came back to make final adjustments, and the suits arrived on the Thunder players’ doorsteps Wednesday morning.”

Paul described it a bonding experience, and you could say it suited mostly everyone.