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Stephen Curry inspires hope with FaceTime call to Oakland nurses

Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry gave an ICU nurse and her coworkers a moment of inspiration and relief when he reached out to her (via FaceTime) on Wednesday. The nurse, who is a part of a local Oakland medical staff, was using Curry’s jersey and “I can do all things” motto as an inspiration during the global pandemic.

Yesterday was one of the coolest moments of my life; I was able to meet my hero, Stephen Curry (via FaceTime). He thanked me and my colleagues for all our hard work on the frontlines during this pandemic. And I was finally able to thank him for all the inspiration and strength he’s given me over the years. He also gave me some excellent advice on how to be positive and kind during tough times, which I think can apply to all of us these days. Thank you Steph for spreading your joy and boosting our morale! And thank you Mercury News for helping us get connected! Go Dubs! #StrengthInNumbers #ICanDoAllThings

Posted by Shelby Delaney on Wednesday, April 8, 2020

“Hey Shelby!,” Curry said on FaceTime to Shelby Delaney, an ICU manager at Alta Bates Summit Medical Center, who came to the attention of Curry after she posted a photo of herself wearing his jersey underneath her personal protective equipment last week.

“I can’t thank God enough for what you’re doing and just the sacrifice, the selflessness and the way everybody’s coming together,” Curry said. “Thank you so much for what you do, your heart and the inspiration you provide for everybody.”

Delaney said her Curry jersey has been her “little shield of power” since she graduated in 2015 and started her first job at the hospital.

“I wanted to thank you for how much you inspired me,” she told Curry during the call, “especially when I first started my job here, it’s a really steep learning curve, you have two people that you’re trying to make sure they don’t die all shift, and a lot of tough stuff going on with family. There were times I wanted to quit, give up. And do something easier. That’s when I started wearing the jersey. That was like, just my way of kind of gathering my strength, reminding myself I’ve got this.”

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As many of you know, I am an ICU nurse at Summit Medical Center in Oakland, CA. These past few weeks have been filled with chaos and uncertainty as coronavirus cases continue to rise and hospital resources become more and more scarce. On Monday morning as I was getting ready for work, I found myself feeling powerless and defeated. It was in that moment that I knew I needed to summon my inner warrior. So I threw on my Steph jersey under my scrubs and started brainstorming how I could be part of the solution. What I quickly realized is that there is strength in numbers, and that I have a team of people surrounding me that are eager to help, but just need some direction. So if you want to help us fight this battle, here’s how: 1. Make Face Shields: We need eye protecting face shields that we can comfortably wear over our masks while caring for patients. See second picture for step by step instructions from the manufacturer on how to make these face shields, and here is the link to their website: 2. Sew Surgical Caps: We need surgical caps to protect our hair from contamination. If you are able to sew, see third picture for a template on how to make cloth surgical caps (pattern by Larissa Fontenot) 3. Donate masks, painters suits, gloves, bleach wipes, and hand sanitizer 4. Donate meals or coffee to hospital workers (it really helps boost morale!) 5. And of course, please continue to stay home, social distance, wash your hands and eat lots of fruits and vegetables to stay healthy! There IS strength in numbers and if we come together, we can beat COVID-19! Please share and repost, as Bay Area hospitals are expected to have a large surge in the next two weeks! Stay safe and remember to be kind to one another! -Shelby *If you make any of the needed items above, have any donations or questions, please email me at and we can schedule a no-contact pickup*

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Curry has been an advocate for medical awareness during the pandemic, most notably by hosting a Q&A on Instagram with infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Facui two weeks ago.