Slippery court jeopardizes Portland Trail Blazers-Minnesota Timberwolves game

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — The game between the Minnesota Timberwolves and Portland Trail Blazers is in danger of being postponed after the court became slick from condensation caused by unseasonably warm temperatures and ice underneath.

Players were told to exit the court during pregame warmups on Monday evening for safety reasons. Target Center officials tried to lower the temperature in the building while maintenance crews mopped the court in an effort to avoid a postponement.

Timberwolves vice president of communications Brad Ruiter says the team is hopeful the game will be able to be played. The ice was laid so the Target Center could host Disney On Ice and a college hockey tournament.

A game at Philadelphia between the 76ers and Sacramento Kings was postponed on Nov. 30 because of a slippery court.