Ross' game-tying 3-pointer negated by clock malfunction

Terrance Ross’ game-tying 3-pointer at the end of regulation in Toronto’s loss at Sacramento on Sunday was disallowed after the game clock was ruled to have malfunctioned.

Ross appeared to force overtime with a 33-foot heave at the buzzer. But replay officials determined that the clock did not start immediately after Kings center DeMarcus Cousins deflected the inbound pass, which began with 2.4 seconds remaining and the Raptors trailing 102-99.

Crew chief Mike Callahan said that the game clock did not start when triggered. Replay officials determined via digital timer that time would have expired before Ross could get a shot off had the clock started properly.

Raptors coach Dwane Casey, however, was not pleased with the decision.

“(Unless) it’s indisputable, let’s play five more (minutes),” he said. “I got to hear another explanation better than that because we reviewed it about 10 times, and even if the clock started once DeMarcus Cousins deflected it, T-Ross caught it, shot it, still had 0.5 (seconds)…plenty of time. I’ve got to hear more than that.”