Report: Knicks, Clippers looking for third team to facilitate Carmelo Anthony deal

The Knicks and Clippers are searching for a third team to help complete a deal that would send Carmelo Anthony to Los Angeles, ESPN.com reported Friday, a trade the two sides apparently feel has a chance to get done even without Chris Paul, Blake Griffin or DeAndre Jordan being involved.

While floodgates have opened on Anthony trade speculation, he still essentially has the final say with the no-trade clause that gives him the ability to veto any deal. But he has softened from the previous stance of not wanting to leave New York, saying he would have to think about new homes if the Knicks truly do not want him, and the Clippers would seem to be an attractive exit strategy.

It is not known if the Knicks are talking to him before approaching a team or waiting to see if talks get serious before gauging Anthony’s interest in a potential destination. If Melo has already signed off on the Clippers, for example, or the Cavaliers before the reported approach on sending Anthony to Cleveland for Kevin Love, that would remove a major obstacle to any deal.

The presence of good friend Paul, currently sidelined by a thumb injury, would likely factor into his decision on the Clippers.