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NBA reacts: Russell Westbrook becomes NBA's all-time triple-double leader

NBA legends, current players and others took to social media to congratulate Russell Westbrook for his triple-double feat.

NBA stars and legends pay homage to Russell Westbrook in light of his becoming the all-time triple-double leader.

Congratulations poured in for Russell Westbrook from around the NBA, including the legend whose career triple-double record he broke Monday in Atlanta.

Westbrook’s 182nd career triple-double snapped a tie with the great Oscar Robertson, who retired in 1974 with a mark that virtually no one thought could be broken.

That was before Westbrook began an unprecedented onslaught on the record books, averaging a triple-double in four of the past five seasons with 145 individual instances.

Robertson, Magic Johnson and other players on the career list honored Westbrook for his feat, as well as the NBA, the Wizards and various family members and teammates.