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NBA x Jesser Stream brings innovative broadcast to League Pass

Catch Jesser's League Pass alternative broadcast in the NBA App for Pelicans-Warriors this Friday at 10 p.m. ET.

The first instance that sparked YouTube sensation Jesser’s interest in basketball was in his front yard with his brother, James.

“I always wanted to do what he was doing. So playing against him every day … I found my love for it,” the content creator shared. Little did he know that his love for the game would become a career – accumulating 18.7 million subscribers to date, and earning him a spot on the 2023 Ruffles Celebrity Game roster. 

“[It] was always a bucket list item that you kind of throw out there and hope would happen one day, but you never really know if it would,” Jesser shared, noting the game as one of the most memorable experiences through his platform.

“Getting to play in that game and then being able to be coached by Giannis and his brothers was a surreal experience. Then getting the W and having my whole family and all of my friends to be there in person for the game … it was one of the best moments of my life,” he added. 

Now, Jesser and his crew, Bucketsquad, are bringing their talents to NBA League Pass, hosting the NBA x Jesser Stream for Pelicans-Warriors on Friday at 10 p.m. ET. 

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“I’m incredibly excited about the ability to commentate an NBA game in my own style … and to give the fans a different ability to watch the game because I think the way people enjoy sports, especially the younger generation, has changed so much,” Jesser said.

Jesser signs a fan’s basketball during All-Star Weekend 2024.

“My content is definitely for more of the younger generation, so I think I can put an interesting spin to the game where I can make it super entertaining … and we got a lot of surprises in there.”

Throughout the broadcast, Jesser and Bucketsquad will bring their own action alongside the matchup, adding mini-games and challenges to the stream. Viewers will also have the opportunity to ask the group questions in real time. For folks familiar with Jesser’s content, he’ll be bringing a similar flair to NBA x Jesser Stream. 

“There’s a lot of elements that we do in the videos that we’re going to incorporate in the games,” Jesser said. “Similar to how my content is when I go to NBA games … there’s going to be a lot of entertainment, whenever there’s a dead ball or a timeout or halftime … just making sure that you’re always going to be entertained while also getting all the NBA basketball you’re used to.”

Jesser also provided some advice for those looking for opportunities in the intersection of social media and sports.

“I think number one – it’s always great to do it with your friends because it makes it way more enjoyable. Even when I started doing content 10 years ago, I was making videos with the same people I am 10 years later, a lot of them,” Jesser shared.

“So I always try to involve my friends, when possible, because just doing things together you go farther and you have a better time.”

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