2019 NBA Draft

LeBron among NBA family reacting to draft lottery

After a brutal season in which their franchise cornerstone requested to be traded, the New Orleans Pelicans enjoyed one of the biggest moments in their history with an unexpected victory in Tuesday’s NBA Draft Lottery.

The Pelicans entered tied with the only the seventh-best odds at six percent, but vaulted past multiple teams to win the top pick for the second time in their history. The first time came in 2012, earning the right to draft then-Kentucky superstar Anthony Davis.

And while Davis reportedly remains steadfast in wanting to leave, the obvious enthusiasm from the Pelicans and their employees shows that Duke’s Zion Williamson, widely expected to go No. 1, could take much of the sting off such a departure.

Another team to move up in the lottery was the Los Angeles Lakers, which star forward LeBron James was certainly pleased about.