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Meet NBA Pulse: Sarah Kustok shares first details on NBA & iHeartMedia's newest podcast

Sarah Kustok, host of the new 'NBA Pulse' podcast, says the show will be a 'nitty-gritty' look at the league's top storylines and more.

Host Sarah Kustok takes listeners through hot topics alongside NBA App writers on the new podcast, NBA Pulse.

When thinking of a winning formula for a successful NBA podcast, you need a host that eats, sleeps and breathes basketball. It also helps if that person is one of the most respected NBA analysts in the industry and they are easy to talk with, too.

Sarah Kustok checks all those boxes and so much more.

iHeartMedia and the NBA are teaming up to launch a new podcast called “NBA Pulse with Sarah Kustok.” Hosted by Kustok, the podcast will air on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and will feature a rotating group of five NBA App writers.

“NBA Pulse is what is happening right now,” an excited Kustok said. “What’s the current hot topics, what’s going on in the league, on the floor. It’ll be a quick hit, whether we’re talking about a Power Rankings article, [Kia] Rookie Ladder, [Kia] MVP [Ladder]. We’ll go over what’s happening in the East and the West.

“It may vary if something big just happened — a big game or something like that. It’s going to be an up-to-date, nitty-gritty of what all NBA fans who care about the league think is most relevant.”

“NBA Pulse with Sarah Kustok” will debut Dec. 12. Kustok, who started off as a sideline reporter, has been at the Yes Network for 11 seasons and this is her sixth season as the primary game analyst.

“You’re going to get some perspectives of mine and some perspectives of the writers,” the Emmy-award winning analyst said. “We will talk about what we’re seeing around the league. I’m psyched and can’t wait. This is what I wake up and think about. This is exciting for me — it’s where my passions lie.

“Now my friends don’t have to get calls from me in the morning talking about this stuff. This is what I care about.”

Kustok (left) is an analyst for the Brooklyn Nets, the first female solo analyst for an NBA team.

Last season, Kustok hosted the “NBA Flashback” podcast, which used archived audio from big NBA events, games and moments and had coaches and players who were part of those scenarios relive those experiences.

“This podcast is different in a sense because it’s now,” said Kustok, who is the first female solo analyst for an NBA team at the Brooklyn Nets.

“This podcast will allow me to take a more birds-eye view and look at the league as a whole. I can look at different layers of what is happening throughout the league as opposed to calling a specific game. I love doing both.”

This season, the NBA launched a new version of its App. Kustok couldn’t think of a more perfect home for NBA Pulse.

“The NBA App is so much better. I feel like this season it has more bells and whistles,” Kustok said. “It’s next level for me in terms of anything you’re looking for, you’re going to find it there. If I want to go on to League Pass to watch some games on the App or see highlights or watch a live stream. I have NBA TV streaming through my App sometimes.

“It’s really entertaining for anyone who loves sports. I go to check what games are on tonight, I’m going to check the standings, I’m looking at stats. Anything I want, anything I’m looking for, it’s on the App. It’s a one stop shop.”

NBA Pulse With Sarah Kustok” and all the podcasts from iHeart and the NBA are available on the iHeart app, Apple podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts.