2021-22 Kia Season Preview

11 NBA stats milestones to watch for in 2021-22

Stephen Curry, LeBron James and Chris Paul headline the many players approaching notable statistical major milestones this season.

From NBA.com Staff

LeBron James and Stephen Curry are both approaching major statistical milestones in 2021-22.

The 2021-22 season is set to begin and there are plenty of stats and numbers to know and keep track of as the season goes on. Here are just a handful of ones you should keep in mind this season:

LeBron James: Points & field goals made

Take a look back at each of the milestone baskets from LeBron James' career.

LeBron James is a four-time MVP and 17-time All-NBA performer who will be playing in his 19th season and is fresh off joining the 35,000-point club in 2020-21. He has averaged at least 25 ppg for 18 straight seasons and is on pace to move up in several different statistical categories this season.

In terms of scoring, he can soon pass Hall of Famer Karl Malone for No. 2 on the all-time scoring and field goals made list this season:

All-time scoring leaders, NBA history
Player Points
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 38,387
Karl Malone 36,928
LeBron James 35,367

James is just 1,561 points away from passing Malone. Based on recent history, he stands a good chance of accomplishing the feat as he has averaged 1,645 points over his last four seasons.

All-time field goals made leaders, NBA history
Player Field goals
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 15,837
Karl Malone 13,528
LeBron James 12,903

In that same four-season span, James has averaged 620 field goals made per season. He’d have to exceed his usual production a bit to surpass Malone for No. 2 on the list as he’s 625 field goals behind the former Jazz standout.

Aside from those two big statistical marks awaiting James, there are a handful of others he can accomplish in 2021-22 as well.

• In terms of minutes played, he currently ranks sixth (50,055) and has averaged about 2,190 total minutes per season over his last four seasons. Add another 2,190 or so minutes onto his career total and he would surpass Hall of Famers Jason Kidd (50,011), Kevin Garnett (50,418) and Dirk Nowitzki (51,368).

• Hall of Famer Oscar Robertson crafted his legend in the NBA as a solid scorer and reliable free throw shooter. James is on the cusp of passing Robertson in free throws made in the coming season. James (7,582) trails Robertson (7,694) by 112 free throws made for No. 4 all-time. He has averaged 277 free throws made over the last four seasons and if he comes close to that, he would no doubt surpass Robertson and close in on Kobe Bryant (8,378) for third place.

• He can also surpass Robertson on the all-time assists list for the No. 7 spot and perhaps move up even higher. James (who has 9,696 career assists) has averaged 558 assists per season over his last four seasons and is 191 assists away from Robertson (9,887) in career dimes for No. 7 all-time. Should he get 550 or so assists in 2021-22, he would also be close to passing Lakers legend Magic Johnson (10,141) for No. 6 all-time. Overall, James stands a great chance of becoming the seventh player overall — Johnson, Chris Paul, Mark Jackson, Steve Nash, Jason Kidd and John Stockton are the others — of entering the 10,000 career assists club.

Dwight Howard: Total rebounds & offensive rebounds

Dwight Howard has a chance to move up to No. 10 on the all-time rebounding list in 2021-22.

Heading into his 18th season (and third stint with the Lakers) in 2021-22, Dwight Howard can get in on some of milestone fun with James this season. One of the best defensive big men of his era and a top-flight rebounder in his prime (five rebounding titles in six seasons from 2007-08 to 2012-13), Howard can pass a few Hall of Famers himself on the rebounding charts.

All-time rebounding leaders, NBA history
Player Rebounds
Wilt Chamberlain 23,924
Bill Russell 21,620
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 17,440
Elvin Hayes 16,279
Moses Malone 16,212
Tim Duncan 15,091
Karl Malone 14,968
Robert Parish 14,715
Kevin Garnett 14,662
Nate Thurmond 14,464
Dwight Howard 14,271

Over his last three seasons — the window in which he became a backup center — Howard has averaged 390 total rebounds per season. That would be enough to move him past Nate Thurmond for No. 10 on the all-time total rebounds list. If he ups his rebounding production ever so slightly, he’ll have a good shot at passing Kevin Garnett for the No. 9 spot as he has a 392-rebound edge on Howard.

Howard could also potentially move as high as seventh in offensive rebounds in 2021-22. Howard has averaged 128 total rebounds per season over the past three seasons and has 4,033 career offensive rebounds. He is one offensive rebound behind Hakeem Olajuwon for ninth place. If Howard collects 120 or so offensive rebounds in 2021-22, he would pass Kevin Willis (4,132 offensive rebounds) for seventh place. After that, he’d trail Shaquille O’Neal (4,209) for sixth place in offensive rebounds.

Chris Paul: Assists & steals

Relive some of the best regular season and playoff assists in the career of the legendary point guard.

Fresh off his 16th NBA season, Chris Paul joined an elite group in league history when he picked up career assist No. 10,000 on March 21, 2021 against the Los Angeles Lakers. Only Paul, Mark Jackson (10,334 career assists), Steve Nash (10,335), Jason Kidd (12,091) and all-time assists leader John Stockton (15,806) have amassed so many assists to date.

In 2021-22, Paul could easily move into the top 3 in all-time assists as he trails Jackson by 59 assists and Nash by 60. Paul has averaged 506 total assists across the last four seasons. Should he come close to that number, he may have a good chance to catch or surpass Kidd in 2022-23.

All-time assists leaders, NBA history
Player Assists
John Stockton 15,806
Jason Kidd 12,091
Steve Nash 10,335
Mark Jackson 10,334
Chris Paul 10,275

Additionally, Paul could climb the all-time steals leaderboard as well in 2021-22. He currently ranks fifth all-time in steals, just 113 behind Gary Payton for No. 4 in that category. Over the last four seasons, Paul has averaged 105 total steals but it isn’t a stretch to think he’d have a real shot at Payton after he posted 99 steals in 70 games last season. He’d still be a ways off, though from the all-time leader: Stockton picked off an astounding 3,265.

All-time steals leaders, NBA history
Player Steals
John Stockton 3,265
Jason Kidd 2,684
Michael Jordan 2,514
Gary Payton 2,445
Chris Paul 2,332

Stephen Curry: 3-pointers made

Take a look back at Stephen Curry's top 3-pointers from his career.

Last season, Stephen Curry played in 63 games, led the league in scoring (32.0 ppg, a career-high), 3-pointers made (337) and attempted (801). Since the 2012-13 season — the start of Curry and the Golden State Warriors’ rise in the West — Golden State’s star guard has made 212 or more 3-pointers in eight of those nine seasons. Additionally, Curry has hit 320 or more 3-pointers in three of those seasons (2015-16 with 402 3-pointers; 2016-17 with 324; 2020-21 with 337).

That kind of proficiency and reliability from deep makes it perhaps a sure bet that Curry will become the NBA’s 3-point king in 2021-22. He stands just 141 away from passing Ray Allen for the all-time lead in 3-pointers made, a number he could easily obliterate in the coming season should he hit 200 or more 3-pointers.

All-time 3-pointers made, NBA history
Player 3-pointers made
Ray Allen 2,973
Stephen Curry 2,832
Reggie Miller 2,560
Kyle Korver 2,450
James Harden 2,445

Moving up the team record ranks

While individual players are set to reach some overall NBA milestones, there are some team-specific ones within the grasp of several players in 2021-22.

(Editor’s note: Teams not listed means they do not have a player within a realistic range of moving up in a statistical category for that franchise in 2021-22.)

Here’s a team-by-team look:

Atlanta Hawks

Trae Young needs four more 3-pointers and 141 3-point attempts to pass Dominique Wilkins for sixth place in both categories. He has made 497 3-pointers with Atlanta and has at least 136 3-pointers in each of his three seasons. If he hits 130 or so 3-pointers in 2021-22, he would move into fifth place, surpassing Steve Smith (549) while closing in on Jason Terry (648) for the No. 4 spot.

Boston Celtics

• Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown can both pass Larry Bird on the Celtics’ all-time 3-pointers made list this season. Tatum is 53 3-pointers away from passing Bird, while Brown is 96 away. Both players made 105 or more 3-pointers in 2020-21.

Brooklyn Nets

• Joe Harris can become the Nets’ all-time leader in 3-pointers made this season. He has 801 3-pointers with Brooklyn, needing 13 to surpass Jason Kidd (813). Since becoming a starter in 2018-19, Harris has made no less than 172 3-pointers in any season. Harris can also rise to No. 2 on the Nets’ 3-pointers attempted list as he trails Kerry Kittles (1,817 3-point attempts with Brooklyn) by just three attempts (1,815).

Charlotte Hornets

• Terry Rozier can move past several ex-Hornets players in 3-pointers made if he approaches last season’s production. He has 394 made 3-pointers with Charlotte and connected on 222 in 2020-21. A season with 200 or more 3-pointers would move him past Devonte’ Graham (431), Nicolas Batum (496) and franchise icon Glen Rice (508).

Last season, Rozier attempted 571 3-pointers pushing his total with Charlotte to 994 from long range. A season with 500 or more 3-point attempts would move Rozier past David Wesley (1,102), Rice (1,143), Raymond Felton (1,146), Graham (1,183) and Batum (1,425).

Chicago Bulls

Zach LaVine will be playing in his fifth season with the Bulls in 2021-22, and has a chance to move up to fifth in a statistic as well: LaVine has made 546 3-pointers and attempted 1,405 of them in his time with Chicago and can pass Michael Jordan (555 made, 1,670 attempted). LaVine has made 120 or more 3-pointers the last three seasons and attempted 427 3-pointers per season during that span.

If he hits at least 120 3-pointers this season, he will pass Jordan and Scottie Pippen (664) to rank third in 3-pointers made. If he attempts 425 3-pointers, he’ll pass Jordan and close in on Ben Gordon (1,856) for third place in attempts.

Cleveland Cavaliers

Kevin Love dealt with injuries in 2020-21, which limited him to 25 games as endured an uncharacteristic season. If Love is healthy and puts up a season rebounding totals similar to what he did in 2019-20 — 547 total rebounds, 493 defensive rebounds — he can move up Cleveland’s career list in that category.

Love needs 114 total rebounds to pass Jim Chones (3,790) for seventh place on the team’s all-time list and needs 17 defensive rebounds to pass Hot Rod Williams (3,033) for fifth place there. If Love grabs at least 490 rebounds in 2021-22, he will also pass Tristan Thompson (3,278) for fourth place in that category.

Dallas Mavericks

• Luka Doncic needs 39 more 3-pointers to pass Steve Nash (569) for eighth on the franchise’s all-time list. Doncic is also 67 3-point attempts away from passing Wesley Matthews (1,669) for seventh place in that category. Last season, Doncic made 192 3-pointers and attempted 548 of them.

If he were to make 190 more in 2021-22 and attempt 540 of them as well that season, he’d have 721 career 3-pointers made and 2,143 attempts. Those totals would boost him ahead of Derek Harper (705) for fifth place in both 3-pointers made and attempted (2,030).

Denver Nuggets

• Nikola Jokic can climb the ranks in several Nuggets categories, including: points, total rebounds, offensive rebounds, defensive rebounds, assists, field goals made and attempted 3-pointers made, as well as attempted.

Let’s dig into it:

• Jokic has scored 8,360 points in his Denver career and sits in fifth place, 1,475 points behind Nuggets icon David Thompson. He has made 3,218 field goals and shot 6,034 of them and also made 439 3-pointers on 1,265 attempts.

Over the last three seasons, Jokic has scored at least 1,456 points, made at least 565 field goals, attempted at least 1,071 field goals, made at least 80 3-pointers and attempted at least 237 3-pointers in each season during that span. Last season, he posted 1,898 points, 732 field goals (1,293 attempts), 92 3-pointers (237 attempts).

Taking the average of his totals the last three seasons — 1,650 points, 635 field goals, 1,190 attempts, 85 3-pointers and 254 3-point attempts — would bump Jokic’s career totals to: 10,010 points, 3,853 field goals, 7,224 attempts, 524 3-pointers and 1,519 3-point attempts.

With those numbers, he would rank fourth in scoring and field goals, sixth in field goal attempts, eighth in 3-pointers and seventh in 3-point attempts.

• Rebounding-wise, Jokic has amassed 4,437 total rebounds in Denver, with 1,187 being offensive rebounds and 3,250 as defensive ones. With a season up to par with his usual totals, he can move up to second in Nuggets history in rebounds and defensive rebounds.

Jokic is fourth overall in rebounding, trailing Hall of Famer Alex English by 250. On the defensive glass, he trails T.R. Dunn (1,359) by 173 rebounds and Dikembe Mutombo (3,297) by 48.

If Jokic hits his season total rebounding averages of the last three seasons — 785 total rebounds, 585 defensive rebounds, 200 offensive rebounds — he’ll have 5,222 total rebounds, 3,835 defensive rebounds and 1,387 offensive rebounds. He’d then rank second in total rebounds and defensive rebounds (ahead of Mutombo) and fourth in offensive rebounds (ahead of Kenneth Faried).

In terms of assists, Jokic has 2,697 of them in his career and needs 49 more to pass Ty Lawson for fourth place. Over the last three seasons, Jokic has averaged 560 total assists and doing so in 2021-22 would give him 3,257 career dimes. That would push him past Lawson and Andre Miller (2,978) for third place in that category.

Golden State Warriors

• Stephen Curry is already the Warriors’ all-time leader in scoring, 3-pointers made and attempted and assists. As mentioned above, he can also become the NBA’s all-time leader in 3-pointers made as well in 2021-22. But he can move up a few pegs a couple of Warriors all-time lists in this coming season as well. 

Curry has played in 762 games in his career with Golden State, trailing all-time leader Chris Mullin by 46 games. In the last 82-game season in which he was healthy — 2018-19 — Curry played in 69 games and last season he played in 63 games.

Curry has amassed 1,282 steals in his Warriors career, which is second only to Mullin (1,360). He needs 79 steals to pass Mullin and over his last three healthy seasons, Curry has averaged 83 total steals per season.

In 2021-22, Curry can also move up on the Warriors’ all-time field goals made and attempted lists. He has 6,340 made field goals and 13,296 attempts. Over his last three healthy seasons, Curry has averaged 590 made field goals and 1,190 field goal attempts.

Should he match those numbers, Curry would have 6,930 made field goals and 14,486 attempts. That would move him past Rick Barry (6,466) for No. 2 in field goals made and past Wilt Chamberlain (14,270) for No. 2 in field goals attempted.

Houston Rockets

Eric Gordon is currently No. 3 in Rockets history in 3-pointers made (845) and attempted (2,382), trailing Trevor Ariza (876/2,478) by 32 makes and 97 attempts for the No. 2 spot. Injuries have limited Gordon in recent seasons, but even if he puts up a season like he did in 2020-21 he can surpass Ariza. Last season, Gordon made 69 3-pointers on 210 attempts, both of which would more than give him the No. 2 spot in both categories.

Indiana Pacers

• Myles Turner is the No. 6 shot blocker in Indiana history with 866 of them in his career needs 39 more blocks to pass Dale Davis (904) for No. 5. Considering Turner has two blocks titles in the last three seasons and has posted 132 blocks or more during that span, he seems poised to easily pass Davis. Should Turner put up 160 or so blocks this season (he had 159 in 47 games in 2020-21), he would also jump Roy Hibbert (990) for No. 4 in Pacers history.

Memphis Grizzlies

• Dillon Brooks is entering his fourth season in Memphis and is already No. 7 in 3-pointers made (384) and No. 6 in attempts (1,087). He needs 20 more 3-pointers in 2021-22 to pass Shane Battier for No. 6 on the 3-pointers made list and 186 more 3-point attempts to pass O.J. Mayo (1,272) for No. 5 on the 3-pointers attempted list. Over his last two seasons, Brooks has averaged 137 made 3-pointers and 391 3-point attempts. A season of those such totals in 2021-22 would give him 521 made 3-pointers and 1,478 3-point attempts. He’d then be No. 4 in 3-pointers made (surpassing Battier, Mayo and Rudy Gay) and 3-pointers attempted (passing Mayo and Gay).

Miami Heat

• Duncan Robinson has emerged as one of the NBA’s premier 3-point shooters in his time with the Heat. He’s made 530 career 3-pointers on 1,254 attempts, which rank No. 6 and No. 7, respectively, in Miami history. This season, he can climb as high as No. 3 in 3-pointers made.

Robinson has made an average of 260 3-pointers on 609 3-point attempts per season over his last two seasons. A 2021-22 with that many 3-pointers made would give him 790 3-pointers made, passing Goran Dragic (588), Mario Chalmers (657) and Glen Rice (708) to rank No. 3 in Heat history. If he hit attempted 600 or so 3-pointers in 2021-22, he’d have 1,854 3-point attempts, passing Dragic (1,613), Dwyane Wade (1,659), Chalmers (1,824) and Rice (1,832) for No. 3 in that category as well.

• Bam Adebayo has a chance to surpass LeBron James, Tim Hardaway and Chris Bosh (among others) in a handful of Heat career stats this season.

Adebayo has made 2,645 field goals on 5,402 attempts in his career, ranking No. 5 in both categories. He needs 267 field goals to surpass James for No. 4 in that statistic and 97 field goal attempts to pass Hardaway for No. 4. Over the last two seasons, Adebayo has averaged 448 field goals and 795 field goal attempts. Putting up those totals in 2021-22 would give Adebayo 3,093 field goals and 6,197 attempts, more than enough to take over No. 4 in both categories.

• One of the NBA’s better rebounders, Adebayo has 2,286 career rebounds (and 601 offensive rebounds) with Miami. He needs 78 more rebounds to pass Glen Rice for No. 9 and 22 more offensive rebounds to pass Shaquille O’Neal for No. 9 in that category. Adebayo has never posted less than 118 total offensive rebounds in any of his four seasons (159 on average over the last two seasons) and has averaged 571 rebounds per season in his career.

A season with 160 offensive rebounds and 570 total rebounds would give Adebayo 761 career offensive rebounds and 2,856 career rebounds. That many offensive rebounds would surpass O’Neal and close in on Brian Grant (800), while his rebounding total would move him past Rice (No. 9, 2,363 rebounds), Grant (No. 8, 2,654) and Bosh (No. 7, 2,816).

Milwaukee Bucks

• Giannis Antetokounmpo is already entrenched in Milwaukee Bucks’ lore after leading the team to a title in 2021 and winning a pair of Kia MVPs. The 2021-22 season could be even bigger for him as he has the potential to become its all-time leader in scoring, shot blocking and free throw attempts.

Let’s dig into it:

Antetokounmpo (12,319 career points) is 1,893 points away from overtaking Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (14,211 points) for the franchise’s all-time scoring lead. That number seems more than manageable when considering Antetokounmpo’s production over the last three seasons. During that span he has averaged 1,856 total points per season, but all two of those seasons were less than a full 82 games.

• In terms of shot-blocking, Antetokounmpo needs 40 blocks this season to surpass Alton Lister (804 career blocks) for that franchise lead in that statistic. Antetokounmpo has amassed 765 blocks in Milwaukee and has blocked 61 or more shots in each of his eight seasons, so assuming health this one is essentially a lock.

• Entering the 2021-22 season, Antetokounmpo has attempted 4,107 free throws in his Bucks career. He needs at least 106 free throw attempts to pass Sidney Moncrief (4,214 attempts) for the that mark in franchise lore. Considering that Antetokounmpo has never attempted less than 202 free throws in a season (and that number came when he was a rookie), this one appears to be a lock as well.

Minnesota Timberwolves

• Karl-Anthony Towns is one of the Wolves’ longest-tenured players and, as such, is climbing the ranks in the franchise’s all-time records. This season, Towns could reach the top five in games played and assists and top two in free throws made and attempted.

Let’s dig into it:

• Injuries in the last two seasons have sapped Towns of some of the reliability earlier in his career, when he played in 323 of his first 328 games. Still, Towns is eighth in Wolves history in games played (408). He needs to play in just 35 games this season to surpass Andrew Wiggins (442) for No. 5 in games played. 

• After dishing 161 assists as a rookie in 2015-16, Towns has stepped up as a passer, crossing the 200-assist mark in three of the last five seasons. At 1,217 assists, he is No. 7 all-time in Wolves history in that department. Should he amass 200 assists in 2021-22, Towns would pass Michael Williams (1,239) and Stephon Marbury (1,393) for No. 6 and No. 5, respectively, in total assists.

• As the 2021-22 season nears, Towns is No. 5 in free throws made (1,747), ranking behind (in order) Andrew Wiggins, Sam Mitchell, Kevin Love and Kevin Garnett. Towns can surpass Love for the No. 2 spot on the free throws made list with 167 of them in 2021-22. In his career, Towns averages 291 free throws made per season, which makes this one a near lock.

In terms of free throw attempts, Towns has 2,092 of them, which is also No. 5 in team history. He’s behind (in order) Sam Mitchell, Love, Wiggins and Garnett. Towns can surpass Wiggins for No. 2 on the free throws attempted list with 299 of them in 2021-22. Career-wise, Towns averages 348 free throw attempts per season.

New Orleans Pelicans

• Brandon Ingram could potentially reach the top 5 in Pelicans history in free throws made and attempted in 2021-22. At 594 career free throws made, he’s No. 8 and needs 108 to surpass P.J. Brown for the No. 5 spot. Additionally, he has 688 career made free throws with the Pelicans, which ranks 10th. He needs 228 attempts to supplant Jamaal Magloire for No. 5 in that statistic. In two seasons with the Pelicans thus far, Ingram has never made less than 281 free throws or attempted less than 320 of them.

• Zion Williamson may be right on Ingram’s heels for the No. 5 spot in all-time Pelicans free throw attempts as well. He has 707 career attempts, which ranks ninth, and only needs 209 to pass Magloire for No. 5. In 2020-21, Williamson bullied his way to 529 free throw attempts. Should he put up that same number in 2021-22, Williamson would pass Jrue Holiday (1,214) for No. 4 in free throw attempts. 

New York Knicks

• Mitchell Robinson has developed into a more than solid interior defender for New York despite battling various injuries in his career. He has amassed 325 blocks with the Knicks, which ranks No. 7 all-time. Injuries limited him to 45 blocks in 2020-21, but in his prior two seasons, he had 119 blocks (2019-20) and 161 blocks (2018-19). He needs 66 blocks this season to supplant Marcus Camby (390) for No. 5 in that category.

Philadelphia 76ers

• Joel Embiid, in five seasons with the 76ers, has attempted 901 3-pointers, which ranks ninth in franchise history. He needs 165 more 3-point attempts to pass JJ Redick for No. 7 (1,065 3-point attempts). In the last four seasons, Embiid has averaged 200 3-point attempts, which would be more than enough to leapfrog Redick.

Phoenix Suns

• Devin Booker is entering his seventh NBA season and on the cusp of moving up in 3-pointers made and points scored. Booker, who has 795 3-pointers in his Suns career, needs just six 3-pointers to surpass Dan Majerle for No. 2 in franchise history. Booker also ranks ninth in team scoring with 9,395 points and needs 170 points to pass Paul Westphal for No. 8.

In his career, Booker has averaged 132 3-pointers and 1,565 points per season. Should he notch those stats in 2021-22, Booker would have 10,960 points and be pass Steve Nash (10,712 points) for No. 7 in scoring and 932 3-pointers, which would pull him closer to all-time leader Nash (1,051).

Portland Trail Blazers

• Damian Lillard has long sought to be known as the greatest Blazers player ever. In 2021-22, he could go a long way in making that case by toppling Portland icon Clyde Drexler from a few statistical perches.

Lillard has scored 16,815 points in his Portland career, second only to Drexler (18,040). If he scores 1,226 points or more in 2021-22, he will pass Drexler for the Blazers’ all-time scoring lead. Additionally, he can pass Drexler in free throws made this season, too. He has 3,758 free throws made, needing 41 in 2021-22 to supplant Drexler (3,798) for No. 1 in that category.

• Lillard also can also move past Drexler in total assists next season, too. He has 4,514 career assists to Drexler’s 4,933, and with 420 assists in 2021-22 he will supplant Drexler for No. 2 in Blazers’ lore.

Sacramento Kings

Buddy Hield has been one of the NBA’s most dependable 3-point shooters over the past few seasons and is quickly climbing that category among Kings’ sharpshooters. Hield now has 1,066 3-pointers in his career with Sacramento and needs five more 3-pointers to surpass Peja Stojakovic for No. 1. Additionally, he needs 82 more 3-point attempts to surpass Stojakovic (2,687) in that category, too.

Toronto Raptors

• Pascal Siakam is one of the young pieces Toronto is building around and will have a chance to move into the upper crust of the team’s scoring ranks this season. He’s No. 9 in scoring (4,739 points) but needs 497 points to surpass Jose Calderon for No. 8. If he scores around 1,200 points in 2021-22, Siakam can move up to No. 6 on the scoring chart and supplant Morris Peterson (6,498) — a rational expectation given that Siakam has averaged 1,307 points per season across the last three campaigns.

• Siakam is 123 rebounds away from passing Peterson (2,064) in the No. 9 spot in that category. If Siakam posts a season rebound total in line with his career average of 380, he’d pass Vince Carter (2,091) and Andrea Bargnani (2,095) to take over seventh place.

Utah Jazz

• Rudy Gobert is the reigning Kia Defensive Player of the Year known for his ability to get rebounds and stops on the inside. He can bolster his place in Jazz lore in rebounding and shot blocking in 2021-22 to share space with some franchise icons.

• In terms of rebounding, Gobert has 6,151 in his career and needs 789 rebounds to pass Mark Eaton for the No. 2 spot (the No. 1 spot is held by Karl Malone at 14,601). Additionally, he needs 76 offensive rebounds to pass Eaton for No. 2 in that category as well. In his career, Gobert has averaged 198 total offensive rebounds per season and 683 total rebounds a season, making both marks a near lock for him.

• When it comes to shot blocking, Gobert has 1,220 of them which is No. 3 in team history. In 2021-22, he needs 34 blocks to pass Greg Ostertag (1,253) for No. 3 and 161 to pass Andrei Kirilenko (1,380) for No. 2. Since becoming a regular starter in the 2015-16 season, Gobert has 160 or more blocks three times.

Donovan Mitchell has become the Jazz’s go-to superstar and one of its best threats from 3-point range. In his career he has made 726 3-pointers and needs 120 more to pass John Stockton for No. 2 in team lore. Additionally, Mitchell has attempted 2,003 3-pointers in his career and needs 200 3-point attempts to pass Stockton in that category as well. Mitchell has made 173 or more 3-pointers and attempted 461 or more 3-pointers in each season, making his odds of moving up nearly certain.

Washington Wizards

Bradley Beal is already the Wizards’ all-time leader in 3-pointers made and attempted and their No. 2 all-time scorer. Those things aren’t likely to change in 2021-22, but he could climb closer to No. 1 in assists, steals and free throws made and attempted.

• When it comes to assists, Beal has racked up 2,436 of them and is No. 5 in that category. In 2021-22, he needs 158 to surpass Kevin Porter for No. 4 all-time. To surpass Rod Strickland for No. 3, Beal would need 277 assists in 2021-22. Neither is a long shot for him as he’s averaged 358 total assists per season over the last four seasons.

• In terms of steals, Beal has 691 and is No. 4 on the Wizards’ all-time list. Next season, he needs 46 steals to pass Hall of Famer Elvin Hayes (736) for the No. 3 spot. He could also have a serious shot at the No. 2 spot, as he needs 72 steals to pass Greg Ballard. Over the last five seasons he has averaged 88 total steals per season, which puts both marks within the realm of possibility.