Luka Doncic ties Michael Jordan with another game of 20-5-5

Dallas Mavericks versatile star Luka Doncic has tied Michael Jordan for the longest streak of 20 points, five rebounds and five assists since the ABA/NBA merger.

The sophomore sensation went into the half with a 20-4-5 stat line against the New Orleans Pelicans before grabbing his fifth rebound on the first possession of the third quarter. It became his 18th straight game with 20-5-5.

Doncic, Jordan, Russell Westbrook and LeBron James are the only players to reach that mark in 15 consecutive contests since the merger in 1976.

Jordan, Michael 18 03/13/1989 04/14/1989
Doncic, Luka 18 11/01/2019
Westbrook, Russell 17 02/09/2015 03/20/2015
Westbrook, Russell 16 12/15/2017 01/13/2018
James, LeBron 15 02/25/2018 03/25/2018

Oscar Robertson holds the all-time record by accomplishing the feat in 29 straight games.

Doncic, 20, has played fantastic all season, thrusting himself into the Kia MVP conversation and lifting the Mavericks to second in the Western Conference. He entered Saturday’s contest averaging 30.3 points, 10.1 rebounds and 9.2 assists.

Dallas’ next game is Sunday against the Kings (7 ET, League Pass).