All-Star guard Steve Francis was a good-luck charm for Houston. (Ray Amati/NBAE/Getty Images)
Rocket Launcher!
With All-Star point guard Steve Francis representing the team, the Houston Rockets won the 2002 NBA Draft Lottery in Secaucus, N.J., on May 19.
Rockets face risks with no sure No. 1

Lottery Q&As
Now that the order of the first 13 draft picks is set for now, read the reactions of the teams involved, after the Lottery.
Winning rep Steve Francis chatted live

NBA Announces
Early Entry Candidates

The NBA has announced the 55 college and high school players plus 14 international players who have filed as early entry candidates for the '02 Draft.
Early entry candidate history


Russ Granik announces the Rockets as winners of NBA Draft Lottery 2002: 56k | 300k

Ties broken for draft order
NYC to host NBA Draft '02
NBA restores Wolves' 2005 pick

NBA Draft Lottery 2002 Results
Draft Pos.TeamRecord
1. Houston28-54
2. Chicago21-61
3. Golden State21-61
4. Memphis23-59
5. Denver27-55
6. Cleveland29-53
7. New York30-52
8. L.A. Clippers139-43
9. Phoenix36-46
10. Miami36-46
11. Washington37-45
12. L.A. Clippers39-43
13. Milwaukee41-41
1 Atlanta conveyed this pick to the L.A. Clippers.

Lottery Nuggets
Nuggets general manager Kiki Vandeweghe talked about becoming a playoff contender and the team's upcoming trip to boost the morale of our troops overseas in a live chat on Wednesday.
Chat transcript from Wizards asst. GM Rod Higgins
Chat transcript from Clippers coach Alvin Gentry

2001 Lottery Jackpots
The team that wins the No. 1 pick on Sunday, might not necessarily be the one who hits the lottery jackpot. Take a look at the true winners from NBA Draft Lottery 2001.

The Last Time ... looks at the face of the world and the NBA the last time certain teams and people participated in a draft lottery.

Evolution of the Lottery
Learn about the evolution of the draft through its 54-year history and key moments brought by various changes to the system.

Preliminary Prospect Profiles
Peruse our preliminary list of NBA prospect profiles and then check back for the full listing of approximately 150 players in our NBA Draft 2002 section coming in June.
Video from Yao Ming's workout in Chicago: 56k | 300k

PIT Looks Nifty at 50
With the 50th annual Portsmouth Invitational Tournament in the books, a number of college seniors elevated their draft stock, including tourney MVP Aaron McGhee of the national champion Terrapins.
2002 PIT competition: Day One | Day Two | Day Three | Day Four
Portsmouth Invitational Tournament alumni
2002 Portsmouth Invitational Tournament rosters

Finding Lottery Winners
Struggling teams see their salvation in the Lottery, but some return year after year without getting much better. What is the significance of having the number one pick? Check out a chart detailing the success of the Lottery selections over the past two decades.
Video from the great moments in draft lottery history: 56k | 300k

Year-by-Year Lottery Probabilities
The Wizards had a 15.7 percent chance last year, yet they beat the odds to take the No. 1 spot -- and subsequently Kwame Brown -- by winning the 2001 Draft Lottery. See the probabilities for each team throughout the history of the Lottery.
Year-by-year Lottery picks
Top 13 draft picks since 1980

TEAM DREAMS Drexler to coach at pre-draft camp Suns begin draft workouts