NBA 75th Anniversary Season

NBA Jersey Day: Evolution of the NBA uniform

In celebration of the NBA's second annual Jersey Day, take a look back at the evolution of the NBA's uniform over the last 75 years.

Check out this compilation of some of the iconic jerseys of the members of the NBA 75th Anniversary Team!

NBA Jersey Day:

The original NBA uniform featured the basics: numbers, letters and were even without team colors. Players wore shorts that measured just three inches long at the inseams, paired with a simple singlet jersey that had to be tucked in, a requirement that still stands in today’s NBA.

And while short-shorts and high socks may seem like a blast from the past, current stars still pay homage to many trends and styles from generations before.

As the NBA celebrates its 75th Anniversary Season, take a look back at the most notable trends and style changes of the NBA’s uniform on Jersey Day.

In 1957, the NBA jersey resembled a simple singlet with shorts well-above knee length.

Canvas high top sneakers with knee-high socks dominated the NBA until the 1970s.

Once Michael Jordan began wearing longer shorts, the majority of NBA players followed suit. 

While most of the NBA adapted to longer shorts, Jazz star John Stockton continued to rock the old-school style until his retirement.

Until 2018, sneakers worn during games were restricted to being either 51 percent white or black, plus a minimal team color accent.

Beginning the 2018-19 season, the NBA allowed players to wear sneakers of any color at any point during the upcoming season.