Relationship between Chris Bosh, Heat continues disintegrating

The relationship between Chris Bosh and the Miami Heat continued disintegrating Friday, with the All-Star saying that the team did not tell him before going public with their belief that he will not play for them again.

The Heat denied that assertion, with a team spokesman saying that calls, texts and emails to Bosh in the days before team president Pat Riley made that announcement earlier this week were not acknowledged.

Riley offered similar sentiments Monday when revealing that ongoing concerns about Bosh’s health will keep him from being in the team plan going forward.

“I didn’t see my career in Miami ending like this,” Bosh said.

Bosh released another installment of his video series as well as a blog post Friday, with neither offering any specifics about his health. Bosh’s last two seasons ended at the All-Star break because of the discovery of blood clots. He failed a preseason physical and was not cleared by the team to resume basketball activities.

The Heat have not been able to share any other specific details, citing an NBA rule that prevents teams from divulging such information without the consent of the player involved.

Bosh has not given that consent to the team. He has not addressed why that’s the case.

“I guess my career in Miami is done,” Bosh said in the video, another one released through LeBron James’ digital platform called Uninterrupted. “My career’s not done. But I did not expect that, at all.”

Bosh said on the video that he threw his phone down and stormed out of the room when he got the news – but it was unclear what news he was referring to, whether it was the news that he failed his physical, or Riley’s announcement, or something else.

“There’s 29 other teams,” Bosh said. “There’s a whole league. One team does not make up the opinion of everything.”

Bosh is owed about $76 million over the next three seasons. His contract is guaranteed, though the Heat could try to get salary-cap relief starting in February.