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Hang Time Podcast: Kyrie Irving's trade request, Cleveland Cavaliers' future, and more

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Another week, another major storyline for us to discuss as the NBA offseason continues to surprise.

SB Nation’s Paul Flannery joins Lang Whitaker and me to analyze Kyrie Irving’s reported trade request, how it affects the Cavaliers, and possible trade scenarios for Irving around the league. Then John Schuhmann stops by with his weekly trivia question and we discuss the possibility of NBA expansion to Seattle.

Highlights below:

1:15 minute mark, on the wild 2017 NBA offseason:

“This has been the craziest NBA summer I can remember since LeBron took his talents to South Beach.”

9:00, on Irving’s reportedly preferred destinations:

“The list of four teams is totally fascinating. It’s like a Choose Your Own Adventure story.”

21:00, on LeBron’s thought process during this summer:

“You think this guy is sitting around, waiting to figure out which way the winds blowing to decide his next step? He’s way too calculated for that. LeBron has to have an exit strategy already in mind if he’s going to leave Cleveland.”

29:00, John Schuhmann’s weekly trivia question:

“Which team is set to return the highest percentage of last year’s minutes on its roster?”

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