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Hang Time Podcast: Free Agency roundup + next steps for Utah Jazz

Sekou Smith

Sekou Smith

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The NBA offseason is in full swing after a wild week of reported signings and trades. We recap all of the moves with John Schuhmann, talk about the state of the Western Conference, and debate if Boston has enough to challenge Cleveland.

Then Tony Jones of the Salt Lake Tribune stops by to discuss what’s next for the Jazz after losing Gordon Hayward.

Highlights below:

At 1:45 mark, on which move was the most shocking:

“Paul George was a stunner. But the most shocking to me was Chris Paul basically trading himself to Houston.”

6:15 mark, John Schuhmann’s trivia question of the week:

“Which four players changing teams this summer rank within the top 10 all-time in assists and points for their former team?”

9:45 mark, on state of the Western Conference:

“I still think it’s the Warriors and everybody else. But I’d start the “everybody else” list with Houston. When you have two of the top 10 best players in the league, you’re off to a good start.”

26:45 mark, on state of the Eastern Conference:

“Nobody did anything in the Eastern Conference to rise about the top four. It’s still Cleveland, Boston, Toronto and Washington in some order.”

35:00 mark, Tony Jones on if Jazz could’ve done anything differently to keep Hayward:

“They did everything 100-percent right. That’s why the Jazz are so upset. They traded for Ricky Rubio, and they did so with Hayward’s blessing. They signed Joe Ingles without him hitting restricted free agency. They did all of this for Gordon. And they might not have done it if they knew he wasn’t coming back”

39:30 mark, on what’s next for the Jazz:

“They have at the very least one of the three best centers in the NBA. And he’s 25 years old. They still have a lot of talent and depth. And they may have pulled off one of the steals of the Draft with Donovan Mitchell.”

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