NBA 75th Anniversary Season

Easter eggs hiding in 'Playoffs on NBA Lane' film

How many can you count? There is no shortage of subtle respect in the latest 'NBA Lane' video.

Playoffs on NBA Lane: With a championship crown at the end of the road, everybody is showing up and showing out on the biggest stage.

• LOGOMAN CLOUD – We’re immediately greeted by the Logoman cloud from our launch film “WELCOME TO NBA LANE”

• THE HOOP BUS & OUR HERO FAN “SAM” ARE BACK – Countless neighborhood residents, including Sam from “welcome to NBA lane”, “MLK day on NBA lane”, and “family dinner on NBA lane”, ride NBA lane’s iconic vehicle – the hoop bus – to the arena

•  NEIGHBORHOOD HOMES, COURTS, AND MURALS – From above, viewers will notice NBA lane neighborhood homes from previous films, rooftop basketball courts, and murals of the league’s international players and Kobe Bryant from previous films

•  NBA75 BLIMP – Flying high over NBA lane arena is a blimp, a nod to the 2016 Larry O’Brien trophy being delivered to Cleveland by blimp

•  NBA LANE ARENA SHAPE – The neighborhood’s own mecca takes design cues from classic NBA stadiums and features a basketball-shaped dome

• MULTI-GENERATIONAL/INTERNATIONAL PRESS ROW – Malika Andrews represents the latest class of star NBA broadcasters, followed by NBA icon Marv Albert who’s seated next to famous French NBA commentator Xavier Vaution

•  JERSEYS ON FANS – Our cast dons jerseys of every current NBA team, nodding to the massive pull of the playoffs from all basketball fans

•  ICONIC PLAYOFF MOMENTS – Before resetting the clock for the playoffs, we see the shot clock tick through iconic NBA Playoffs timestamps through history: 8.9 (Reggie Miller’s eight points), 6.6 (Michael Jordan’s “Last Shot”), 0.4 (Derek Fisher’s Buzzer Beater); the shot clock also reads “75” for the Anniversary Season

• EVERY SECOND COUNTS — “Inside the NBA” host Ernie Johnson says “Every Second Counts” before cutting to Damian Lillard, referencing his famous 37-foot “Dame Time” buzzer-beater against OKC, sending the Trail Blazers to the second round of the 2019 Playoffs

Get a behind-the-scenes look as 'NBA Lane' gets ready for the start of the #NBAPlayoffs.

• RESERVED PARKING SPOTS — A car pulls up to a spot “Reserved Reigning Champ” with the license plate “Fr34k” (Giannis Antetokounmpo). The adjacent spots are reserved for “Iceman” (George Gervin) and “The Answer” (Allen Iverson)

• HAKEEM’S BROOM – Coming off of Clyde, we see a bobblehead featuring his Phi-Slamma-Jamma Brother and Rockets teammate Hakeem Olajuwon holding a broom, referencing the Rockets sweep of the Orlando Magic in the 1995 NBA Finals

• “QUADRUPLE-DOUBLE BUCKET” – David Robinson holds a popcorn bucket that says “Quadruple-Double”, referencing his quadruple-double in 1994 while telling us “EVERY BUCKET COUNTS”

• MARK PHILLIPS’S POST/FEED — A nod to the die-hard fans that are a part of the NBA’s online community featuring @SUPREMEDREAMS_1 tweeting “A second on the floor is FOREVER on the feed”

• “JUST GET THE W” – Breanna Stewart nods to the WNBA while giving some sage advice as a two-time WNBA champion

• HAND-DRAWN SIGNS & HEAD CUTOUTS – Throughout the crowd, viewers will notice a few funny signs and famous faces of NBA legends, including Dwyane Wade, Hakeem Olajuwon and Scottie Pippen cutouts and a sign that reads “Layups Are Never Ending”

• “NO PLACE LIKE HOME” + SAC-TOWN COWBELLS — Fans near Chris Webber ring cowbells, a nod to the deafening crowd noise in Sacramento in the early 2000’s

• “I LOVE THIS GAME” — Nod to the famed tagline from 1990’s, early 00’s being passed down as a timeless statement for the next generation of hoop fans