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Decisions yet to be made on Detroit Pistons' front office, coaching staff

Three and a half weeks since the conclusion of another disappointing season in Detroit, Pistons owner Tom Gores hasn’t made any changes to the front office or the coaching staff, both led by president and head coach Stan Van Gundy. That doesn’t mean those changes won’t eventually come, as the Detroit Free Press‘ Vince Ellis reports

Given the uncertainty, it’s clear Gores hasn’t committed to any scenario — yet.

The cap mismanagement and the underwhelming draft night performances are under the microscope.

Should there be coaching adjustments?

After four seasons with only one playoff appearance under Van Gundy, it’s apparent that Gores is seeking change.

“We got to make some changes,” Gores said toward the end of the season. “I’m just not sure what they are and he’s been working the whole season so I need to hear from Stan. I can tell you he’s an extremely dedicated man so I think he’s been good for our franchise.

“That I know for sure.”

Discussions are very amicable, but those changes have yet to be determined, two sources told the Free Press this week.

The Pistons have made the playoffs just once in Van Gundy’s four seasons in Detroit, and they’re the only Eastern Conference franchise that hasn’t won a playoff game in the last 10 seasons. Their last playoff win was Game 4 of the 2008 Eastern Conference finals.