David Fizdale's rant becomes Memphis Grizzlies' rallying cry

“Take that for data.”

David Fizdale coined the expression with force and anger after Memphis’s Game 2 loss at San Antonio. He did so after citing stats that showed the Spurs’ sizable advantage in free throw attempts despite the Grizzlies’ league-wide reputation for “grit and grind.”

Two games later, that same phrase is being echoed triumphantly by Memphis supporters, with much simpler “data” behind it: the series is now tied 2-2.

The unlikely turnaround — capped by Marc Gasol’s game-winner in overtime of Game 4 on Saturday — stems from multiple sources. Among them: Mike Conley’s leadership (35 points in Game 4), Gasol’s tireless play (82 total minutes in last two games) and yes, a narrowing of the free throw disparity (Spurs just plus-one over the last two games).

Yet it’s hard to argue that Fizdale’s emotional (and costly) stand hasn’t galvanized both team and fan base, both of which have turned his podium solo into a furiously popular chorus.