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Tyronn Lue vows to make lineup change after Cleveland Cavaliers' latest loss

From NBA media reports

Life on the court continues to be a rough one for the Cleveland Cavaliers after last night’s road loss to the San Antonio Spurs. The defeat was the Cavs’ 10th in their last 15 games and featured all the signs (porous defense, bad body language, too many turnovers) that marked their defeats in that stretch.

While the Cavs did get some good news in the depth department last night as guard Iman Shumpert returned, overall Cleveland has issues deeper than just one player can fix. After saying days ago that lineup changes were not imminent for his team, coach Tyronn Lue reversed field after last night’s defeat on that topic. Here’s more from’s Joe Vardon:

“I’m gonna make a change,” Lue said, though he declined to say what it might be.

The Cavs’ current starting lineup of LeBron James, Kevin Love, J.R. Smith, Isaiah Thomas, and Jae Crowder has a minus-22.8 rating — which means it’s being outscored by that many points on average per 100 possessions. (That’s really bad).

Lue later told he was still contemplating which change to make (there could be more than one).

“When you’re trying to play faster than you’re capable of playing,” Lue said. “You’re used to playing fast and turn the corner and your legs are not quite there, he [Thomas] fell four or five times trying to do that. His speed is gonna take a little while so he can’t get down on himself, can’t get frustrated.”

Love said the problem is “all of us.”

“Just stepping out of bounds, throwing the ball away,” Love said. “Just turnovers and extra possessions and tap outs on the defensive end when we’re trying to get a rebound, secure it and go back the other way is stuff that kind of deflates us and kills us. So I think more than anything it’s those plays — some that might not necessarily show up in the stat sheet but are going to show up in the film. So, we feel like there’s times where the game could have gone the other way but we need to have those plays go in the other direction if we’re going to win.”

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