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Chris Paul unsure about hand, but sure Suns can manage if he’s out

The Phoenix floor general could miss time with his latest hand injury, but the team's 48-10 record provides cushion in the standings.

Chris Paul’s hand was visibly wrapped during Saturday’s All-Star practice.

CLEVELAND (AP) — Chris Paul isn’t sure if his injured right hand will be healthy enough for him to play when the Phoenix Suns return from the All-Star break.

He believes his Suns will be fine, even if his hand isn’t.

Paul was injured Wednesday in a victory over Houston in the final game before the break and his hand was in a cast Saturday when he held his All-Star press conference. He said he was frustrated but also sounded optimistic.

“I’ve had four hand surgeries in my career. It’s like my hand surgeon is part of my family, but things could be a lot worse,” Paul said. “I’m still blessed, grateful that we’re 48-10 and if I do miss some time, I know the guys will hold it down.”

Paul was hurt when he got his hand jammed on a pass and argued for the first technical. He then bumped into referee J.T. Orr a few seconds later to earn a second technical and an ejection, leaving the court holding his right hand.

“It didn’t feel good, I’ll tell you that much,” Paul said. “And then when you get ejected off some bogus stuff too, that don’t help, either.”

Paul was hoping he could still try to play Sunday night for Team LeBron, but also can’t be sure when he will next play for the Suns, who have rolled to the best record in the NBA.

“For me, I always want to play. I haven’t missed a game this season, you know what I mean,” Paul said. “So when I did feel that in my hand I was mad for all types of reasons, but obviously we won’t do anything dumb or stupid.

“So I’m going to try to heal as fast as physically possible and the second that I am able to play, I guarantee you I will be playing.”