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Blogtable: What's your view of Warriors after their first four games?

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Everyone seems to have an opinion of the Golden State Warriors after four games. What’s yours?


Steve Aschburner: They’re. Fine. It wasn’t even necessary that they prove it Tuesday night, though the Warriors’ 127-104 pasting of Portland probably will shush a few additional skeptics. Golden State still has to tune its chemistry and probably will have some pecking-order hiccups over the next six months, but every team needs something to chew on over 82 games. The Warriors won’t be trying to win 73 or 74 this time and they can get by on talent and muscle-memory until the chemistry and tweaked roles feel entirely natural. We are getting the rubber-match Finals, period, so everything else till then about Golden State or Cleveland (with the exception of a significant and depressing injury) will just be noise.

Fran Blinebury: That we’ll see them once again in June. There was no reason to think they were going to approach the 73-win mark from last season. For one, they said they wouldn’t even try. For another, it is a revamped lineup that is trying to incorporate another All-Star and also deal with a significant loss to their overall balance and depth. For another, Zaza Pachulia is no Andrew Bogut anchoring the middle at both ends of the floor. I know it’s hard to get anyone to do in our knee-jerk age, but the world should relax, give the Warriors time and let all the pieces find out where they fit. Then we’ll see them again in June.

Scott Howard-Cooper: That they are what we expected. Not the part about the 29-point loss in the opener, of course. On the whole. A team with a ton of talent, a team that has every reason to feel good about the roster, but a team going through a major lineup change. Transitions like this can take time.

Shaun Powell: My opinion is four games isn’t a significant enough sample size to assess a team in a season that could and should stretch to June. But because we live in a microwave society — meaning, folks want it right now, this instance — I think the Warriors might need to fortify their interior at some point this season in order to address their main (if only) weakness. Zaza Pachulia and David West appear too lacking to do the heavy lifting on the boards and defense. But again, it’s early.

John Schuhmann: Depth and defense are issues. They’re not issues like they are for other teams, but given the talent the Warriors have, nitpicking is a must. They don’t have the best bench in the league, but they have the ability to keep two of their four best players – four of the 15 best players in the league – on the floor at all times. They don’t have the best defense in the league, but they still have Draymond Green, Andre Iguodala and Klay Thompson to switch everything and lock guys down. They’re not perfect, but as we saw in the third quarter Tuesday night, their highs will be too good for good teams.

Sekou Smith: Remember Miami. Remember the rush to judge the Heat’s Big 3 of LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh some 17 games into their time together, when they were barely above .500 and many of us (hand raised) were almost giddy thinking about that experiment going wrong. Four straight trips to The Finals and two titles later I learned my lesson. It’s too soon to throw dirt on the Warriors and their superstar chemistry experiment. Way too early, in fact. Are there growing pains to deal with? Certainly. And will they get it all figured out before Thanksgiving or even Christmas? Probably not. But if we’ve learned anything from the recent superteam past, there is no need to panic. Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green will get it figured out with the help of Steve Kerr.

Ian Thomsen: Exactly as predicted: Someday they are going to be champions. But will it happen this year? Winning the title in the first season is no sure thing given all that they must figure out along the way.

Lang Whitaker: I have a hot take that’s so scorching hot, it burns with the heat of a thousand suns. Get this: I’m not ready to have an opinion. As I write this, the Warriors have played all of four games, with 78 left to play. But in the interest of playing along with the premise, if the Warriors continue having the same issues they’ve had thus far, the main issue I see is the Warriors need to improve the quality of their bench. One other thing: It may be a function of playing a high-wire style, but they continue to turn the ball over too much (8th in the NBA at 15.5 a game). With so many great players, they have to take care of the ball.

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