2023 NBA Draft on B/R

Bleacher Report: Latest Mock Draft before Trade Deadline

With teams possibly trading picks during this week's Trade Deadline, Bleacher Report's Jonathan Wasserman checks in with his latest Mock Draft.

All-Access: Scoot Henderson

How does a young talented teenager prepare for an NBA career? Highly regarded prospect Scoot Henderson is expected to be one of the top players selected in this June’s NBA Draft.

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(B/R) — One week before the NBA trade deadline, teams have started making projections to assess the value of draft picks that they’re shopping or buying.

Given the perceived strength of this year’s class, unprotected first-rounders could be tough to acquire for 2023. Teams would rather offer 2024 picks in hopes of landing a trade target.

This season’s top prospects continue to perform well, but we’ve seen a number of projected second-rounders recently go off for 30-plus-point games, too.

We’ve also seen breakout play from some of the international prospects who’ll further strengthen this year’s field.

This week’s mock draft order is based on the standings entering Monday’s games.