5 winning strategies for NBA In-Play from FanDuel

A breakdown of NBA InPlay along with strategy on how to play.

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NBA In-Play, a product of Simplebet, Inc., is an innovative, free-to-play game focused on the future of live betting. If you make the right bets, you can climb the leaderboard and win big cash prizes.

Found in the FanDuel Fantasy and Sportsbook app, NBA In-Play offers fans the chance to predict every play and quarter instead of generic game outcomes and point spreads. Throughout the course of an NBA game, fans can place bets on the outcome of the next possession, a player’s point total in each quarter and the over/under point total for each player in a quarter. Possession markets become available during timeouts and free throws, while the player point total and O/U markets are open for the duration of each quarter plus pre-game and halftime.

At the beginning of each quarter, fans are given 2,000 coins. Fans choose to bet 5, 10, 25, 50 or 100 coins on all markets. Depending on the game, two possession markets may be available to fans. “Score or no score?” action offers fans the chance to bet “score” or “no score” on the possession after free throws or a timeout. “Possession result exact” markets allow fans to place action on the exact outcome of the possession, including options for “missed field goal,” “2 pointer,” “3 pointer,” “attempted FT,” or “turnover.”

The player point total and O/U markets give fans the opportunity to bet on how many points their favorite players will score in each quarter. The options include ranges “0-3,” “4-6,” “7-9” and “10+.” In the O/U section, each player has a point total to reach, and fans bet whether that player will score over or under the points indicated. After choosing how many coins to wager, the game will calculate the potential payout of the action. After each possession and at the end of each quarter, action is settled and fans can search for themselves on the leaderboard. Coin totals reset at the end of each quarter so you’re never out of it.

Each night, all NBA games are live and available for play in the FanDuel app. Nationally televised games are listed as “featured games,” and fans can win cash prizes if they finish in the top 10 on the leaderboard. All other games are listed as “practice games,” and fans can hone their skills before competing for prizes during a featured game. Now the most important question: how do I climb the leaderboard and win those cash prizes?

5 Winning Strategies for NBA In-Play:

  1. Utilize all three betting markets.

Fans have the opportunity to place bets on the next possession after free throws and timeouts, in addition to each player’s quarter totals and the O/U market. Take advantage!

  1. Place the maximum bet amount.

Fans can place 5, 10, 25, 50 or 100 coins on each outcome. Placing the maximum bet amount leads to a larger payout, which can catapult you on the leaderboard.

  1. Place correlated bets.

With the Player Total and the Player Points O/U markets available, fans can place correlated bets to maximize their earnings. For example, if a fan bets that LeBron James will score 7-9 points this quarter, they should also bet “over” 6.5 points for James this quarter.

  1. Place action at least 5 times per quarter.

In order to be on top of the leaderboard, it is important for fans to be active. Place bets multiple times in a quarter to gain as many coins as possible.

  1. Time your bet to maximize returns.

If LeBron James is on a cold streak, it might be time to bet on James. Often times when bets are not falling, that means it is time to bet on the player who has been “unlucky.” It is important for bettors to mix up their bets frequently so that many outcomes are accounted for.