2020 Playoffs: First Round | Nuggets vs. Jazz

Nuggets join rare company with 3-1 series comeback

The Denver Nuggets made history on Tuesday, outlasting the Utah Jazz in a hard-fought Game 7 to become just the 12th team in NBA annals to rally from 3-1 down in a best-of-7 series.

The full list:

1968 East FinalsCeltics76ers
1970 West FinalsLakersSuns
1979 East FinalsBulletsSpurs
1981 East FinalsCeltics76ers
1995 West SemisRocketsSuns
1997 East SemisHeat Knicks
2003 East 1st RdPistonsMagic
2006 West 1st RdSunsLakers
2015 West SemisRocketsClippers
2016 West FinalsWarriorsThunder
2016 FinalsCavaliersWarriors
2020 West 1st RdNuggetsJazz